5 brightness specifications for daily household purchase lamps

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
No matter how big your house is, no matter what style you decorate, you need to buy lamps and lanterns in your home, ranging from large chandeliers in the living room to decorative lamps in the bathroom, all need a lot of lighting. We have put the main points on the selection of lamps. In the 'look' of lighting, few people really care about its 'heart'. In fact, it is very important to choose the right bulb for the use of the lamp. Today, I will give us a detailed introduction to the 5 brightness of daily household lamps. Standards, by the way, friends who have bought lamps, did you choose the right lamp? 1. How to choose a suitable bulb for the 5 brightness specifications of daily household purchase lamps 1. First understand a concept-luminous flux Luminous flux (Lx) refers to the radiant power that the human eye can feel. Refer to the figure below for the illuminance per level Standard value:   2. Refer to the luminous flux. The reference data in the figure above is the luminous flux per square meter for the area of u200bu200bthe house. For example, if the area of u200bu200bthe room is 10 square meters, the luminous flux of 10㎡×(100~300)LM/㎡u003d1000~3000LM is required. 3. The function of the space is determined based on the luminous flux, and then the decision is made according to the function of the space. For example, in the above reference table, the general activity is 100LM/㎡, while writing and reading require 300LM/㎡, but if it is a desk in the bedroom, If you install a main lamp, it will appear too bright for general activities. At this time, you can choose 'mixed lighting  4. Wattage and luminous flux    In most people's daily habits, when you buy a light bulb, you only know the wattage (W), so what is the relationship between wattage and luminous flux? This leads to another concept-light efficiency (lm/W), the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light energy.   For example, a 20W bulb, the luminous efficiency is 100lm/W (generally LED light source luminous efficiency is 90~130lm/W), then the luminous fluxu003d20W*100lm/Wu003d2000lm. Since the light effects of bulbs of each business and model are different, what you are buying is to look at the product packaging or consult the business for related information.   5. Will it be too dark without the main light?   In the case of multiple lamps, the luminous flux is generally additive.   For example, a room of 10 square meters needs 1000~3000LM of luminous flux. The luminous flux of a downlight is 200LM, so in theory, 5~15 downlights installed uniformly in space can satisfy the use. Of course, in practice, it is impossible to install so many downlights in a space of 10 square meters. At this time, it is possible to install a 300LM table lamp on the desk under 6 200LM downlights to ensure that general activities are bright enough. The area that the desk needs to illuminate is also about 1 square meters, which is enough now.  Of course, this Saintly Lightingmethod is contrary to the design of using the main lighting, which will make the overall space brighter but the central area relatively dark.  
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