Analysis of modern lighting can add luster to your own bedroom

by:Saintly     2021-06-05
Not only provides light for the home, but also an artistic decoration in the space. Modern art lamp decoration is also an indispensable part of home decoration. Choosing an artistic lamp can add luster to your bedroom. Modern art lamps are also one of the home decoration lamps we often choose. Many times when we choose modern art lamps, we will feel dazzled. Simple and elegant, beautiful lines, versatile modern lighting to attract customers, living room, bedroom, study, etc., creative personality, geometric ring, with modern simple furniture, the dream home is highlighted; in the process of home decoration, the first thing to pay attention to is the whole Coordination of collocation. The style of the lamps is consistent with the style of the furniture, giving a sense of harmony. In the living room, you can choose more atmospheric lamps, modern ceiling lamps with simple lines; one is to meet the lighting needs, and the other is to show the beauty of the home, so local lighting is indispensable. You can use downlights in the living room to increase the brightness of the living room. Floor lamps can meet the needs of watching TV or newspapers in the living room; bedside lamps in the bedroom can create a warm atmosphere and make the overall look stylish and retro, adding to the owner’s good taste . Wall lamps can also be installed to meet the local Saintly Lightingneeds of the bathroom or powder room. In the bedroom, you can choose more personalized modern lamps to increase the warmth according to your favorite; the restaurant can choose several chandeliers with different shapes to increase the Saintly Lightingand create a good dining atmosphere. The bedside lamp in the bedroom can be matched with a small chandelier, which makes the lines more beautiful. 1. Style features: indoor walls, floors, ceilings, furnishings and even lamps and utensils are all characterized by simple shapes, pure textures, and fine craftsmanship. 2. Home features: The furniture emphasizes functional design, the design lines are simple and smooth, and the furniture color contrast is strong. This is the characteristic of modern style furniture. 3. Features of accessories: Some accessories with simple lines, unique designs, or even extremely creative and personalized accessories can become part of the modern minimalist style of home decoration. 4. The geometric lines are decorated, the colors are bright and jumping, and the facade is simple and smooth. It is characterized by waves, corridor-like pick panels or decorative lines, strips, blocks and other special-shaped roofs. The facade has a strong sense of three-dimensional layering, and the floating window sills are raised outside. Balconies or built-in balconies, reasonable use of color block ribbon processing.
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