Analyze the characteristics of Nordic minimalist lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
1. More elegant people can choose this kind of round lamp, which has a simple shape but very artistic. If you match light-colored furniture and some artistic hanging paintings, the effect will be better. 2. You can also choose this fan-shaped chandelier. A lamp is hung on each end of the fan, which is very suitable for the living room decoration of Nordic minimalist lighting. 3. You can also choose this chandelier like a wind chime. The copper-colored metal is full of retro art, because this kind of chandelier may be a bit tall. Pay attention to the height of the building when choosing a building. 4. The restaurant can use some simple chandeliers, such as a simple cylindrical ceiling, but pay attention to the intensity of the light. The restaurant chooses brighter chandeliers. 5. The bedroom definitely needs to use a table lamp, and the table lamp does not have to be too fancy. Try to have simple shapes. For example, cylindrical table lamps are good. The table lamp has no redundant patterns, which fits the modern minimalist style. 6. You can choose square lights in the kitchen. You don't need to choose a chandelier for kitchen lights. The ceiling light is now very good. Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightingusually uses more fashionable materials, such as glass and metal. The shapes and shapes above are relatively simple, mostly square and rectangular lights. The choice of light source is also very important. When choosing a light source, you should check the overall decoration color. Generally, white light sources are used in the living room, while yellow light sources are most suitable for the bedroom.
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