Analyze the development of modern lighting in several directions

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
1. The development towards high efficiency and energy saving is first to adopt energy-saving light sources, and then to carefully design the optical system of the lamps according to the size and shape of the energy-saving light sources to truly improve the effective utilization of light. For example, in spotlights, the use of high-intensity gas discharge lamps with good light color can create a diffuse, uniform and soft lighting environment, and modern lamps have small protective angles and high efficiency, which can better display the structure of the building. Another example is the optical fiber exhibition lighting system currently used in shops, museums and other display Saintly Lightingplaces, which use guiding fibers to transmit light to the illuminated object, replacing traditional fluorescent lamps. 2. The rapid development of technology in the direction of integration and adjustment, various integrated devices and electronic computer control systems have made significant progress in the application of lamps and household Saintly Lightingbrand systems, such as the application of electronic ballasts to lamps and lighting The system performs dimming, remote control, and light color control. The integrated design of modern furniture and modern minimalist lighting has become a major trend in modern furniture since the 1990s. The world-famous Milan Furniture International Fair in Italy, Cologne International Furniture Fair in Germany, and the United States High Point International Furniture Fair all combine furniture with is designed, displayed, exhibited and sold as a whole series. More and more designers are showing great interest in the overall design of furniture and lamps. The combination of multiple elements in the middle makes the shape of modern furniture shine. Furniture should pay attention to overall shape effects such as shape, structure, human-machine relationship, material texture, etc.; lamps should pay attention to overall shape effects such as light, shape, color quality, structure, etc., both of which are the basis of building environment space effects, and they complement each other. , Add radiance to each other.     Now, the trend of home decoration lamp design is becoming more and more simple in structure, exquisite workmanship, and bright colors. Just as we see more and more Italian furniture landing in Beijing, their design style is very modern. The household lamps that reflect the high-end fashion styles of the world today have also entered Chinese households with modern-style furniture. It is also the lamps with this simple design style that pay more attention to simple design, reasonable and full use of light sources. The lighting efficiency and furniture complement each other. It is not like the traditional concept of lamps with complex structure, colorful, cumbersome body, and neglect of light effects in the design to make full use of. This is a revolution in design concepts. At the same time, the design of this high-end fashion lamp also meets energy saving requirements.
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