Analyze what are the characteristics of modern lights and purchase considerations

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
1. What are the characteristics of modern lamps? 1. The appearance of fashionable and elegant modern lamps is full of this fashionable and elegant temperament, such as high-end chandeliers, crystal table lamps, etc., which make people feel exquisite and fashionable. 2. Back to the nature, advocating nature. Modern lamps and lanterns also give people a sense of returning to the nature and advocating nature. Some lamps combine art and practical performance, such as plum blossom wall lamps, fishtail table lamps and other artistic styles, while still in the lampshade. There are various exquisite patterns carved on it. 3. Focus on energy saving, economical and practical. Modern lamps are made of advanced technology. Although the power is low, its brightness is much higher than that of incandescent lamps of the same power, such as our commonly used energy-saving lamps. 4. A variety of combinations and complete functions. Nowadays, people are not only satisfied with the function of lighting, so modern lamps with various functions have begun to appear in front of us, such as ceiling fan lights, round mirror lights, flashlight yellow lights, etc. . 5. High technology. With the continuous development of science and technology, Saintly Lightingproducts of electronic technology have also become popular, such as non-stroboscopic lamps, three-wavelength chromatogram adjustable lamps and other electronic lamps can often be seen in our lives. Precautions for the purchase of lamps 1. Energy saving and environmental protection Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection. If the energy saving effect of lamps and lanterns is excellent, it can not only help us reduce electricity bills, but also make a contribution to environmental protection. , You need to pay attention to check the rated power of the lamp, choose a lamp with a lower total wattage, its energy-saving performance is also better, the energy-saving lamp for calls has a 'section' mark, which indicates that the product is certified accordingly. 2. When we choose lamps and lanterns, we need to put safety in the first place. There is no security guarantee amount registration, and other advantages can not be selected to purchase, especially those families with children, and we need to pay attention to the safety of lamps and lanterns. . At the same time, different environments have different safety standards for lamps. Kitchen and bathroom lamps need to choose a higher level of waterproof and dustproof. Art lamps should not choose products with sharp parts to ensure the safety of children at home.
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