Choose the right color of the hotel crystal lamp

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
There are many choices for any kind of hotel crystal lamp, some of which are warmer and softer. Some colors are more eye-catching, white, red, etc. As for the color selection of the hotel crystal lamp, it is also a big factor with the installation occasion, and different factories are also different.

First, the soft-colored hotel crystal lamp
Soft-colored hotel crystal lamps are generally used in guest rooms and corridors to create a warm atmosphere. Imagine you walk into a hotel and book a suite. Before entering, he was a little upset by the dazzling incandescent lamp, and swiped his room card to enter the room. The lights came on with a click, but the colorful lights couldn't illuminate the decorations in the house. It is the gods who can persist in this situation, and no one will come a second time. This will also lose a lot of customers. Therefore, the soft-colored crystal lights must be fully utilized in suitable occasions.

Two, bright colors
Brightly colored crystal lamps are mostly used in places such as halls and reception rooms. Soft Saintly Lightingis definitely not acceptable in such occasions. Therefore, you should choose brighter colors. In some more suitable places such as welcoming guests, you can also choose some brighter colors and a little more colorful. This is also able to adjust the atmosphere, increase the sense of atmosphere, and welcome the customers who come.

That's it for the color selection of hotel crystal lights. No matter what the product is, inappropriate colors can easily cause some problems. This can be seen in all aspects of life. Most household lamps are incandescent lamps, which have a good Saintly Lightingeffect. For office lighting, many people choose soft yellow to give themselves a good office atmosphere.
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