Classification of various custom lighting styles, several styles of hotel lighting design

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
Classification of various custom lighting styles, several styles of hotel lighting design

In the process of hotel decoration, customers often have a headache for choosing the type of lamps, such as Chinese style lamps, European style lamps, crystal lamps, modern lamps······chandeliers, ceiling lights, floor lights······each Dizzy with a variety of styles and spaces. But if you have a little understanding about the classification of lamps and lanterns before purchasing, and then stop checking in according to your decoration style, then the choice will not be so tangled.

   Nowadays, Huaguang has sorted out the main categories of lamps for everyone to understand. At the same time, the corresponding style of products can also be found on the website of Huaguang Lighting.

European style

   European style is a style from Europa. There are mainly French style, Italian style, Spanish style, British style, Mediterranean style, Nordic style and other major schools. It is the intense cultural connotation expressed by the cultural traditions of European countries. The European style emphasizes changes and dynamics in appearance, breaks balance, and changes the plane. The color is mainly warm, gold and ivory are used to make the color bright, gentle and greasy but luxurious and gorgeous.


Modern and simple

   Minimalism originated from Western modernism in the early 20th century. The characteristic of the minimalist style is to simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and original materials to the minimum level, but the requirements for the texture of colors and materials are very high. Therefore, the simple space design is usually very euphemistic, and can often achieve the effect of winning more with less and winning more with simplicity. As the so-called simplicity is not simple, it finally has the effect of 'less is more'.

   Nowadays, most of the simple style lamps have fluent lines, without any complicated mood, but they can release thousands of styles in the static state. It is easy to get everyone's attention with the state of flowing clouds and flowing water. Its outstanding taste makes the whole space because It is complete.

Brilliant Crystal

   crystal lighting comes from the mid-seventeenth century in Europe, the 'Rococo' (Rococo) period. At that time, Europeans were particularly yearning for gorgeous and splendid objects and decorations, and crystal lighting came into being and was a great farewell. Nowadays, crystal lighting is no longer a patent product of the royal family and nobles. Many families will think about choosing a crystal lamp with beautiful colors to create a home atmosphere.

   The dazzling decoration of the crystal lamp can make the entire room space radiant, shining in the dark, expressing the supreme brilliance of oneself, this is the appropriate expression of exquisite life.

   In recent years, the crystal lamp is no longer a high-end, gorgeous pendant lamp in the impression. It is presented with a new and colorful appearance. The lamps of different styles and uses are endless. The transparent material makes the light change more colorful and also It has been sought after by many people, coupled with its infinite tolerance for the decoration style, making it easier to be loved.


Chinese classics

The design of    Chinese style inherits the essence of the home furnishing concepts of the Tang Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties, allowing personal home furnishings to have a sense of historical continuity and regional context. The Chinese style is exquisite and symmetrical in appearance, and the colors are exquisite for comparison. The decoration materials are mainly wood. The patterns are many dragons, phoenixes, tortoises, lions, etc., carefully crafted, beautiful and ingenious, expressing the owner's higher aesthetic taste and social position.

   The classical Chinese lamp is bright and neat, with a strong and elegant traditional taste, and the antique design is even more memorable. To create a space full of traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people, Chinese-style Saintly Lightingproducts can play a finishing touch, allowing traditional art to be expressed in today's society.

The so-called style is a continuous cultural trend that has been formed with the trend of culture for a long time, is unified in content, and has a fierce commonality. The European style is extremely exquisite, so the choice of lighting should not be sloppy. In European style, the style of the commonly selected lighting should not only resemble the shape, but also request the cultural atmosphere to be in the same line as the whole. The exquisite workmanship European-style lamps have deep meanings, strong cultural heritage, and look tacky and generous, the more they look more refined, and the complete set of designs, from table lamps to wall lamps, from chandeliers to standing lamps, are all classic combinations, dealing with your overall inconvenience.
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