Consider these factors when choosing modern lighting

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
The design of the hotel will include the design of the lamp in the early stage of the design, but most of the designs have some problems in style and matching, and the hotel party A may not pay attention to this detail. In fact, in practice, this is very important. When buying non-standard modern lighting, you must first match the space. What is space, this is space. The length and width of the lamp will generally be consistent with the structure of the lamp. Ceiling lights are different from ceiling lights. Modern lighting can be larger, but modern lighting is not recommended. There is also height, which is very important for lights. For example, the hotel lobby has a hollow ceiling with a height of 8 meters. The normal height of modern lighting is only 4 meters. For example, if the light bulb is installed in the guest room area (room height is 3 meters), you can see that the height of the light bulb is 0.5-0.7 meters, the lowest point of the light bulb is not less than 2.3 meters, the viewing angle is moderate, the light is appropriate, and people feel comfortable. 1. The installation height of modern Saintly Lightingshould not be lower than 2.2 meters on the ground; 2. The hook of modern lighting is very important, it must be able to bear 6 to 8 times the weight of the chandelier, otherwise the chandelier will fall and hurt people. 3. The suspension height, the material and form of the lampshade and the lamp bulb should be carefully selected to avoid glare; 4. When installing and selecting the light source, it is better for consumers to choose the light source of the energy-saving lamp. Modern lighting generally recommends choosing round or square ceiling lights. For the rectangular new Chinese living room ceiling, it is recommended to choose round or rectangular modern lighting. It is worth noting that if you choose a rectangular ceiling lamp, you need to make the long side of the lamp parallel to the long side of the ceiling, rather than long to short and short to long. Of course, the choice of chandelier or ceiling light depends on the size of the living room. Generally, for small living rooms, we think of using ceiling lights. For large living areas with sufficient height, chandelier is recommended.
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