Customized design projects of lamps and lanterns in sales department are more humane

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
Customized design projects of lamps and lanterns in sales department are more humane

With the widespread use of lamps in social production and people’s lives, the design of lamps not only needs to be continuously improved in function, but also from the practicality of consumers, through the shape, material, appearance, etc., highlighting humanity design. In the humanized design, the designer should fully stand on the consumer's point of view and maintain a humanistic spirit for the consumer in the design to ensure that the design of the lamp meets the consumer's pursuit of the lamp itself and the added value of the lamp.

The main function of lamps is for lighting, so the design is in the design of lamps. The first humanized design factor that needs to be considered is the Saintly Lightingfunction of the lamps. From the perspective of lighting effects of lamps and lanterns, the humanized design should fully ensure sufficient brightness. Under this premise, the lighting should be uniform and soft, and not cause irritation to consumers' eyes. The humanized design of Saintly Lightingeffects not only meets the humanized needs of the physiological level, but also the soft light can bring consumers a warm feeling and give people a sense of spiritual identity.

Humanized design in the shape, you can install a unique function on the lamp, through a small change in the appearance, the quality of life can be greatly improved. This additional small function is often the most suitable for people's actual needs. For example, a design point that can store newspapers is installed in the lamp in the study room, so that the space in the study room can be used reasonably.

The most important part is that in the humanized design of lamps, traditional lamps generally use glass and alloy materials. However, with the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, traditional materials can no longer meet the needs of the market. When conducting humanized design, teachers often make changes in the selection of materials. As designers gradually put their imagination into practice, materials such as cloth, wood, ceramics are gradually being adopted by designers, and they play an important role in humanized design.
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