Customized lamps are necessary for star hotels!

by:Saintly     2021-06-09
How can a hotel show its own standards? If you have been to some star-rated hotels, you will find that the higher the level of hotels, there is an obvious characteristic between them, that is, they all have their own The style of the hotel can be said to be the soul of hotel design, and it is also a must have for every high-end hotel. If this style is exclusively customized, the light is especially important in it, because it can make We see this colorful world clearly, and it can also be said to be the most effective way to improve the quality of the indoor environment. For hotels, it is more necessary to pursue personalized lighting, so custom Saintly Lightingis necessary for star hotels. of.
Why choose custom lamps
Many people may think that lamps can be bought everywhere. Why do you have to choose custom lamps? For household lamps, the desired effect and demand are indeed not very high. If you combine household lamps with When comparing hotel lights together, one is the basic level and the other one must be professional. It is necessary to find a special custom manufacturer to do it, because hotel lights are different from home lights in the production and design. , Because the main thing that stands out for hotel lamps is personalization. The more high-end hotels, the less the same lamps will appear. This also involves the ability of custom manufacturers, and every detail must be taken into consideration. , Such as hotel environment color and so on.

Customized lamps are more perfect in safety performance
In addition to the design itself, what needs to be considered is the issue of safety. For the hotel lamp, because its volume is very large, the weight must be considered, so in the selection of reinforcement and material It is necessary to balance it, which is something that many non-customized lamps cannot do. Because hotel lamps emphasize design, there will be various shapes of lamps with different shapes and different weights. That's why you want to find a professional. For the reason of customization, they will help you solve the construction of the weight that each place has to bear, and balance the hole design, so that safety problems will not arise.
Customized lamps are more autonomous in material selection
How to highlight the star-rated hotels depends on the improvement of the grade. For the hotel, the lobby is its own facade, so in the selection of lamps and lanterns, sand table crystal lamps are often chosen, and the effect is to be achieved. The materials used must be good. If you don’t choose customization, it is difficult to find all aspects that are satisfactory, because whether it is the choice of crystal or hardware, there will always be various flaws for you, custom lamps will not This kind of problem occurs because every step is completed under your control, and the finished product is of course the most suitable for your ideas.
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