Design inspiration and installation requirements of modern lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-03
The first step in choosing a lamp is to look at the shape. Every flower has its own eyes. The modern minimalist style is also equipped with high-quality ceiling lamps and chandeliers. However, ceiling lamps often spit out 'no sense of design.' The design sense and changes of the chandelier will be more powerful. Many leading designer brands are loyal supporters of modern minimalist style. When they enter the store, geometric elements such as circles, triangles, and rectangles are piled up and then hung with thin lines. Either a nested design, a large circle, or a small circle, but this design will be more expensive. Second, ordinary commercial residential buildings may not be tall enough. If the living room and dining room use this kind of chandelier, there will be a sense of design. There are certain requirements. After all, every project is good-looking, not necessarily beautiful. Other things to pay attention to are intelligent control, lighting mode, light source quality and after-sales service. 1. Intelligent control, using Tmall Genie or others. First match the phone application, and then use voice to control the light switch, color temperature, brightness, etc., which is very convenient. I went to find out on May 1st. In the shop, the 1918 lighting 'three-bedroom and one-living room' whole-house Saintly Lightingcomplete set of equipment was engaged in activities. I bought four lamps and gave a Tmall wizard as a gift. Early adopters are good. 1. The installation height of modern Saintly Lightingshould not be lower than 2.2 meters on the ground; 2. The hook of modern Saintly Lightingis very important, it must be able to bear 6 to 8 times the weight of the chandelier, otherwise the chandelier will fall and hurt people. 3. The suspension height, the material and form of the lampshade and the lamp bulb should be carefully selected to avoid glare; 4. When installing and selecting the light source, it is better for consumers to choose the light source of the energy-saving lamp. Modern lighting generally recommends choosing round or square ceiling lights. For the rectangular new Chinese living room ceiling, it is recommended to choose round or rectangular modern lighting. It is worth noting that if you choose a rectangular ceiling lamp, you need to make the long side of the lamp parallel to the long side of the ceiling, rather than long to short and short to long. Of course, the choice of chandelier or ceiling light depends on the size of the living room. Generally, for small living rooms, we think of using ceiling lights. For large living areas with sufficient height, chandelier is recommended.
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