Don’t install the chandelier in the restaurant.

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
Everyone wants to own a house of their own, from site selection to decoration are carefully studied and done by themselves. When it comes to the decoration of the house, in the daily decoration, many friends put most of their thoughts on the living room and bedroom, but in fact, the dining room is also very important. Because in the current society, everyone is very busy and does not have a lot of time to stay at home a day, so the restaurant has become a place for family to chat, eat and exchange feelings, and the Saintly Lightingof the restaurant determines the atmosphere of the restaurant. Therefore, don’t install chandelier in the restaurant. There are so many exquisites, so how to choose the right chandelier? In fact, there are a lot of exquisites.

First, consider the size of the chandelier
When choosing a restaurant chandelier, you must first consider the size, which is determined according to the size of the restaurant and the size of the table. If the area of u200bu200bthe restaurant is not small, and the dining table is large and round, in order to make the restaurant brighter, you should choose some chandeliers with great Saintly Lightingintensity. Consider large chandeliers and crystal lamps. These chandeliers are gorgeous and bright, which is very suitable. If the restaurant is relatively small, there is no need for too bright lighting, nor too gorgeous, etc. It is simple and simple, and it is very warm.

Second, consider the length of the chandelier
The length of the dining room chandelier is also an important factor. If the dining room is very spacious, the ceiling will be higher accordingly, so the chandelier can be hung closer to the tabletop, so that you can see more clearly . If the ceiling is not very high and the restaurant is not very large, it is best not to choose some very long chandeliers, and the shape should not be too exaggerated, otherwise it will be too depressing and cause uncomfortable dining.

Third, consider the number of chandeliers
There are many friends whose dining table is not round, but rectangular in Western style. What should I do if the dining table is too long? One chandelier cannot illuminate the entire table at all, so the number of dining room chandelier can be increased. Because the number of chandeliers in the restaurant is large, the brightness of the entire restaurant will increase. Even a long dining table can be illuminated, and it can also increase the rhythm of the decoration and improve the aesthetics. However, the number of chandeliers should not be too many. Choose according to the length of the table.

Fourth, consider the color of the chandelier
People dining in a restaurant is not just as simple as dining. People chat, laugh, and exchange feelings during the meal, so the atmosphere must be warm. So you can choose some warm yellow lights, which can better create a sense of home. And under the warm yellow light, the dishes on the table look more delicious. Remember, it is best not to choose too bright white lights, which will create a sense of urgency.
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