Explain the price of modern lighting

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
Nowadays, there are many modern Saintly Lightingbrands and styles in shopping malls, and the prices of lighting of different brands and styles are also different. Generally speaking, the price of high-end ceiling lamps of big brands is around 1,000 yuan, while the price of medium-grade modern lighting is around 300 to 500 yuan, and the price of low-end ceiling lights is around tens to 200 yuan. So as a consumer, how should he choose and buy a dazzling array of products? An exquisite lighting can greatly beautify our living room. When choosing lamps and lanterns, we must first choose the light source. A good light source is bright, moderate color temperature, good color rendering, average life span of more than one year, high luminous efficiency, and low stroboscopic. The light source produced by some small manufacturers makes the color temperature higher to make it look brighter. This kind of light source is more harmful to the eyes. How to judge the quality of the light source: just light a lamp, stand under the light and read a book, and the writing is clear and bright, which means that the light source is better and the light efficiency is high. To judge whether the color temperature of the light source is too high, you can stretch your palm to the side of the light source. The palm of your hand is rosy, indicating that the color temperature is just right and the color rendering is good. If the color temperature is too high, it will turn blue or purple. First of all, how much is the renovation of modern and simple lighting? This depends on the product you choose. The price of a good product will be more expensive, because the material is different, the price will be different, so everyone should know this. A good material is about 300 yuan, so everyone must pay attention to this. Modern lighting manufacturers recommend that you choose a good material, and the wattage of the lamp does not need to be too large, which will be bad for your eyes, so everyone should pay attention to this. In the future, there will be unnecessary troubles in life. In the past, the modern and minimalist ceiling lamps in shopping malls were relatively simple in style and monotonous in color, but nowadays, there are many styles of ceiling lamps on the market, with rich colors and exquisite patterns. When choosing a ceiling light, you should choose ceiling lights of different shapes and materials to decorate the space according to the style of the functional room. As the supporting role of the space, the lamp is important to form a good light environment. In this case, the selected ceiling light should be as simple as possible, and close to the color of the ceiling, so as to achieve the purpose of highlighting the main body. In addition, the color temperature should also be adapted to the style. The higher the color temperature, the bluer the color, and vice versa, the redder. Poor use of color temperature will seriously affect the style of the space, and may even affect people's psychology.
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