Explain the techniques of disassembly of modern Nordic minimalist lighting

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
Modern Nordic minimalist lighting is a common decorative lamp at home. It has a good decorative effect and is practical, but sometimes unexpected situations such as broken bulbs, need to clean the bulb or want another style of Nordic minimalist lighting, this At this time, there must be a step-to remove the Nordic minimalist lighting. But how to remove modern Nordic minimalist lighting? Don't worry, Jingying will explain to you the techniques of modern Nordic minimalist lighting disassembly! How to remove the circular Nordic minimalist lighting? The round shape is the most easy to remove. The first step is to remove the lampshade and then remove the fixing screws. If it still doesn't work, try this method. Use one hand to stabilize the lamp holder and the other to prevent the lamp shade from falling and breaking, and then slowly rotate the lamp shade counterclockwise. You should be able to remove the Nordic minimalist lighting soon. There is also a kind of wrought iron Nordic minimalist lighting. This Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightinghas no clips and buttons, but this Nordic minimalist lighting is relatively easy to remove. There is usually an iron ball in the middle of the iron art Nordic minimalist lighting. This iron ball is the key to removing the Nordic minimalist lighting. First of all, the lampshade should be firmly supported, and then the iron ball should be twisted, and the Nordic minimalist lighting will be taken off. How to remove the rectangular or rectangular Nordic minimalist lighting, first grab the border of the Nordic minimalist lighting and pull it down, then you will see the spring inside, and then press the spring to the ceiling to remove the Nordic minimalist lighting. If the above method is not successful, try to remove the square gusset next to the Nordic minimalist lighting. This can be removed because it is also snapped up. The third method is to prepare a suction cup hook that can suck glass, suck it on the aluminum alloy part of the edge, slowly and steadily pull down the four corners in a cycle to remove the Nordic minimalist lighting. Irregular shape In addition to the round and square Nordic minimalist lighting, there is another irregular Nordic minimalist lighting that is also very popular, that is, the irregular Nordic minimalist lighting. So how to remove this irregular shape of the kitchen Nordic minimalist lighting? First cut off the power, look for the fixed parts around the lampshade, choose a screwdriver to loosen the fixed place, remove the lampshade after loosening, and then replace the bulb and tube. All in all, how to remove the irregular Nordic minimalist lighting, only to find a way to prescribe the right medicine!
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