Five kinds of engineering lamps and lanterns commonly used in building body lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
Building lighting is an important part of urban landscape lighting. Different building materials, different building shapes, and different building attributes all determine the different ways of building lighting, and also determine the building lighting project. The implementation is different. So which lamps are used in different types of building Saintly Lightingprojects? 1. LED underground lights for building lighting projects. LED underground lights have a wide range of applications. They are mainly buried underground and used to clean the facades of buildings or brighten trees. Common application areas include commercial working buildings and cities. Greenbelt, gardens, parks, scenic spots, commercial blocks, building steps and other places.  2. LED floodlight for building lighting project    Almost all large-area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be called floodlights, which can aim at any direction, and the structure is not affected by climatic conditions. It is mainly used for large-scale operations such as mountains, bridges, building outlines, stadiums, large sculptures, parks and so on. 3. LED wall washer for building lighting project. LED wall washer, as the name suggests, is to let light wash through the wall like water. It is a commonly used lamp in building lighting projects. It has high luminous efficiency and rich colors, which is very suitable. Use decorative lighting and outline the shape of the building.  4. LED point light source of building lighting project  LED point light source has an important position in building lighting design creativity. It is flexible in placement, can create novel pictures, and is often used in various building advertising decorations. 5. The construction of LED light strips for the building lighting project has a variety of contours. If you want to fully show the shape of the building at night, LED light strips are commonly used lamps. It has low construction difficulty and relatively low cost, and is often used for simple lighting.化. Different lamps have different ranges of application, and have different effects on building shapes and decorative lighting. In the process of building lighting projects, you must choose according to the type of building, match the most suitable lamps to achieve the most perfect effect .  
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