Four major trends that have produced the development trend of modern and simple lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-12
The contemporary design style is relatively simple in appearance and powerful, and pays more attention to the unity and richness of the shape and physical inspection of the interior space design. Modern and simple design style, to put it bluntly, is to make all the key points look very simple. The simplicity of interior decoration is to make the interior space look very simple and airy. There are few places in the decoration design, but in terms of color and reasonable layout, the selection and matching of home decoration materials must be very hard. It is a realm of life, and it is not something that ordinary interior designers can design. There is no doubt that the interior decoration style of modern and simple lighting conforms to the love of young people. The busy daily life of modern cities has long made us tired of feasting, red feasting, and red feasting. Everyone prefers a quiet, harmonious and bright look. A spacious and comfortable home, to clear away tiredness from work and forget the hustle and bustle of modern cities. Therefore, the choice of lamps should be more concise and simple, without being too extravagant. The modern and simple large living room strongly recommends the use of led ceiling lamps. It is generally environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, long-lived, good color rendering index, and fast response time. In addition, the design of LED downlights is more beautiful, elegant and light. In order to maintain the overall unity and extreme of architectural decoration design, and its light source is hidden inside the architectural decoration design, the light source is not exposed, no glare, and the human visual impact is gentle and symmetrical. The key points of buying contemporary modern minimalist lighting: modern minimalist lighting includes commercial service lighting, industrial production lighting, pavement lighting, garden landscape lighting, and home lighting. Modern and simple Saintly Lightinglines stipulate graceful and elegant, all three-dimensional methods are integrated with orderly, rhythmic curves. Modeling design: Because many modern and simple features will be used in the modern and simple home decoration design: it is composed of curved graphs and asymmetric encrypted lines, such as flower stems, flower bones, tree vines, insect wings and various beautiful and wavy natures. Shaped body pattern design, etc., this element can often be applied to furniture, lamps and lanterns. Applicability: According to the chromaticity of the Saintly Lightingsite, the LED luminous flux curve regulations, the role of the lamps, and the overall design, the lamps can be used to meet the requirements of easy-to-use and lower-level use of the light source, and pay more attention to the decoration of the appearance design of the lamps. The actual effect of art and aesthetics has resulted in the four major trends in the development of modern minimalist lighting.
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