Frequently Asked Questions about Lighting Customization

by:Saintly     2021-06-04
Frequently Asked Questions about Customization

【About the price】

Preferential prices can be provided according to quantity and requirements!

【Wholesale Standard】

Minimum order of 1 set of products (double unit price of the product is charged for proofing, if the customer service has a large inventory, only the unit price of the product is charged, no other proofing fees are charged, non-standard engineering Saintly Lightingproofing requires a certain fee)

【Payment Method】

In order to have more protection for both buyers and sellers, and the order amount does not exceed RMB 10,000, it is recommended to use Alipay to guarantee the transaction, that is, take the payment online to complete the transaction. Online banking remittance for large orders, delivery on delivery!

[Delivery time]

The goods will be shipped within 24 hours after payment in stock. Except for national holidays, the delivery will be delayed within 48 hours. If the stock is not enough and more accurate time is needed, please contact customer service or call for consultation!

[Outer box packaging]

Part of a large number of stocks in stock yellow box neutral packaging, the overall foam reinforcement, if the weight of the lamp will be protected by a wooden frame; non-standard lamps are all added in a wooden box

【Transportation method】

The customer specifies the logistics, or the factory arranges the logistics by itself

【Shipping Charges】

All products in this shop do not include transportation, tax and installation costs, all are borne by the buyer, please also customers and buyers to know.

Engineering non-standard customization

【Engineering customization】

Hotels, villas, clubs, restaurants, bars, exhibition halls, sales offices, soft-decorated model rooms and other non-standard custom lamps.

【Instructions for Quotation】

If customers need a quotation, please try to provide the customer service staff with a list of quotations (size, quantity, material, product pictures or CAD engineering drawings). The prices of different products are also different. A more accurate description will bring you more accurate budget

【Production cycle】

Normal production cycle: 15-25 days after the deposit is in place (samples, detailed drawings, confirmation of product details and contract signed items are required, and the production cycle will be calculated after confirmation). Special circumstances can be negotiated.

【Price composition】

If you need installation, tax point, freight, light source, etc., please take the initiative to inform customer service. Our company defaults custom lamps and lanterns quotations do not include light source, tax point, freight, installation fee, etc., please let customers know

【Logistics acceptance】

1. Cargo without freight:

1. If the customer has designated delivery logistics, our company can arrange delivery to the logistics point for free within the scope of the ancient town and the horizontal fence. If it exceeds, the delivery cost shall be borne by the customer;

2. Our company is only responsible for delivering the goods to the logistics designated by the customer, but not the time of arrival (the specific time depends on the situation of the shipping department);

3. If the customer does not specify the delivery logistics, the factory recommends reasonable logistics information for the customer to choose, and arrange delivery after confirmation;

2. Goods with freight: The factory arranges according to customer needs.

【After-sales service】

1. Free replacement for the quality of the lamps during the installation period;

2. The warranty period of the lamp is one year, calculated from the date when the lamp is installed and accepted;

3. During the warranty period, if there is a quality problem with the lamp, we will repair it for free; after the warranty period, we will provide the spare parts required for normal maintenance. The price is subject to the market preferential price, and we can also consider providing it for free.
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