Have you learned the three issues that should be paid attention to when customizing lamps and lanterns?

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
With the ever-changing preferences of consumers, there is also a demand for personalized customization of products. In the Saintly Lightingmarket industry, a group of manufacturers that provide professional customized lighting services have also appeared, providing high-end personalized customization to meet people's high standards. Demand standards. However, there are many problems in the customization process. Have you learned the three issues that should be paid attention to when customizing lamps?

1Material issues
In the process of selecting custom lamp manufacturers, we need to pay special attention to the materials used in the lamps. Although the shape of the lamp can be customized according to our preferences, the material of the lamp is often determined by the manufacturer. Therefore, when we choose the manufacturer, we must choose a strong one, so as to ensure that the lamp material used by the lamp has high-end standards. .

2. Payment issues
Many friends do not understand the payment method of lighting manufacturers, in fact, we also need to understand this. In general industry practice, consumers will not be required to pay in full, but will choose to pay a 30% deposit in advance, and the remaining balance is often paid after the goods are received. This is also to ensure that the goods are not good enough to ensure our interests.

3. After-sales issues
Regarding the after-sales service of custom lamps, it is also a question we need to understand when selecting custom lamps manufacturers. Since the lamps are fragile products, they are prone to breakage during transportation. At this time, a perfect after-sales service can guarantee our interests. If a custom lamp manufacturer does not have this kind of service, it will undoubtedly appear at this time More troublesome effects.

The above three points are the details that we need to pay special attention to when selecting custom lighting manufacturers. If we do not pay attention to these problems when selecting manufacturers, it is easy to cause follow-up troubles, and good manufacturers can avoid this. When problems arise, everyone should pay attention to these matters when choosing.
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