Hotel crystal lights: dreamy colors are created like this

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
How the dream hotel is decorated, and more importantly, everyone has higher requirements for this magical color. The hotel crystal lamp has become the best kind of decoration. Then, from such a dreamy and magical color, I also saw the decoration of many different rooms.

Hotel crystal lamp: this is how dreamy colors are created

  1, hotel bedroom

   When choosing a hotel crystal lamp, we still need to consider many different requirements. For example, what kind of bedroom should we choose? This is very important. Generally speaking, the bedroom is purchased Generally speaking, products are designed to highlight the word dim. Generally speaking, darker lighting is selected, and the color is not too bright, so that it can create a more dreamy and warm sleeping condition suitable for living.

  2, hotel suite living room

The living room of    suites are generally solemn, generous and luxurious. The decoration of the hotel must highlight these aspects, so the living room suites are all features of this luxurious decoration, so when buying lamps and lanterns The bigger the better, the more brilliant the better.

  3. Hotel toilet

   The decoration of the bathroom is generally based on brightness. After all, in this bathroom, we have a lot of things to do, so after all, we must focus on a kind of brightness. In the decoration process, these aspects will also be considered, especially in the selection of lamps and lanterns, this aspect will also be considered.

Hotel crystal lamp: this is how dreamy colors are created

  4. Hotel corridor

   The choice of lamps and lanterns in the corridor is generally based on simplicity. The corridor itself is a small place, which is not suitable for those particularly complicated things. If very complicated things are used, it will not look good Up.

   5. Hotel lobby

   The hotel lobby is also a very important place. The most important place in the choice of hotel crystal lamps is here. The hotel lobby definitely needs to choose a very beautiful lamp, for example, the bigger the better, and basically There is a sense of mutual echo, so in the selection process, we generally focus on aesthetics, and other small spotlights that are beautiful are enough to meet the Saintly Lightingconditions.

   In short, the choice of hotel crystal lights is actually quite troublesome. We need to consider all aspects. If we find it difficult to consider when decorating, we can choose a professional designer to design for us. The designer is in When designing lighting, it is very unique. It can give our hotel a more graceful and luxurious atmosphere, and a more beautiful feeling, and let us choose a more suitable and cost-effective during the purchase process. Product, do you understand all of these?
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