Hotel decoration: the choice of lamps is crucial

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
When decorating a hotel, the choice of lights is very important, so when we buy lights, we must consider whether the products produced by Guangdong hotel lighting manufacturers like? In fact, the most important thing is not whether we like it or not. , We should look at this problem from a broad perspective.

   The first thing we need to see is the decoration style of the hotel. The decoration style of the hotel is changeable. Now we hope that the hotel will have more repeat customers. We hope that the quality of the hotel will continue to improve. The hope of great effort will make the hotel do a little better, and decoration is indispensable. The products produced by Guangdong hotel lighting manufacturers may be single-phased, and you may think that this thing is not very good, but in fact this thing will have different effects after it is installed. For example, there is a lamp that looks really bad, but After matching with the decoration, this effect will be fully revealed. This is the charm of design and the charm of matching.

Hotel decoration: the choice of light is crucial

   When choosing a hotel, you must meet multiple scenarios. For example, there is a large swimming pool in a large hotel. Generally, the swimming pool is illuminated by lights, the brighter the better. In this way, the swimming pool can appear to be high-end and clean, but if it belongs to the restaurant, this is completely different. When buying lights in a hotel restaurant, generally speaking, it is necessary to match the feeling of the object. For example, if it is a western restaurant, we hope to choose some European-style lights. The color of these lights may not be particularly bright. And there is a dark feeling, but in fact this feeling is very in line with the color tone.

Hotel decoration: the choice of light is crucial

   If it belongs to a Chinese restaurant, then we can buy something that we think looks more in line with traditional Chinese characteristics, such as ancient Chinese design. There are many types of such lamps, such as sheepskin lamps, and Various red lanterns. Guangdong hotel Saintly Lightingmanufacturers produce a wide range of products and cover a wide range. Therefore, when purchasing, the first thing you have to do is to understand these products. Only after we all understand this product can we know these products. What are some characteristics. Only in this way can we buy the products we think are suitable, and it is especially important to buy the products we think is suitable. Sometimes this thing is not absolutely beautiful, not absolutely nothing to be faulty, but after a reasonable combination of results It's so perfect.
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