Hotel lighting is flexible and changeable: is it what you want?

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
When we buy lamps, we must learn more about the characteristics of the products produced by Guangdong hotel lamp manufacturers. We must make careful choices from the following aspects.

   1. The first thing you need to look at is your own room lighting. What kind of Saintly Lightingyou want to choose? What guests think about most during the trip is what the room feels like. Generally speaking, we use warm color temperature. , Basically it is around 3000k. We need to create a very perfect and comfortable environment, with a warm feeling, so that guests can rest more comfortably at this time, so generally speaking, the choice of room Saintly Lightingshould not be too cold or too bright.

Hotel lighting is flexible and changeable: is it what you want?

  2. The restaurant lighting produced by Guangdong hotel lighting manufacturers is actually very changeable. First of all, it is divided into the lighting styles of Chinese restaurants and Western restaurants. The lighting styles in restaurants must first be designed based on food culture. The flavor characteristics and the differences in regional culture meet the flexibility of restaurant lighting. In the Chinese restaurant of luxury hotels, we need to have a pleasant and formal feeling, so we need to have a balanced degree of lighting. In addition to having a balanced speed, we also need to have a good contrast, for example, you can bring a strip of light source, and then cooperate with a bit of art lamps, on the table of the restaurant, and the roof of the restaurant. design.

  3. Generally speaking, the purchase of products is based on independence. What we need to choose most is the intelligent control mode. It is very important to purchase smart products. Nowadays, lamps and lanterns are definitely based on independence. . What we have to consider during the purchase process is whether it can be controlled intelligently. When customers stay in the hotel, the most consideration should be this convenience. If it is inconvenient, there will definitely be no follow-up consumption, which means staying once. You know, this place is inconvenient, so don't underestimate the choice of smart lamps.

Hotel Saintly Lightingis flexible and changeable: is it what you want?

   The products produced by Guangdong hotel lighting manufacturers are also very changeable. First of all, we can see the differences in lighting in many aspects. For example, the multi-function hall is a very important place in the hotel construction process. So first of all, we When using lighting, it is generally matched with a very powerful color line. We will choose incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, and metal halide lamps. These lamps are relatively very good, and the results will be relatively good, which is a good living condition and experience for customers.
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