Hotel restaurant lighting fixture matching rules

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
The lighting of the hotel restaurant is the focus of the hotel's soft decoration design. The light emitted by the Saintly Lightingcan make up for the lack of emotional color in the hotel's soft decoration, and emit the most charming and warm 'sunshine' after the soft decoration. Nowadays, the hotel desk lamp project has not only played a role in the lighting, but it is not an easy task to choose and match the lighting in the hotel's soft decoration design. The lighting also has its strong soft decoration design. This article has compiled the relevant knowledge of lighting fixtures in hotel restaurants.   The types of hotel desk lamps are not less than the types of home lighting fixtures. On the contrary, in order to cater to the needs of the public, their styles are more diversified. For example, in a high-end hotel restaurant, the crowds are mainly for dinner, and the Saintly Lightingbecomes the protagonist of creating the atmosphere. A summary of the hotel lighting design, hoping to help the hotel that is about to be renovated or is about to reopen.   restaurant, it is advisable to use low color temperature incandescent bulbs, milk white bulbs or frosted bulbs, diffuse light, not dazzling, with natural light, more cordial and soft. Fluorescent lamps have a high color temperature, under the light, the color casts, people's faces look pale and blue, and the colors of meals are also changed. can also use mixed light sources, that is, a combination of low color temperature lamps and high color temperature lamps. The effect of mixed lighting is quite close to daylight, and the light source is not monotonous and can be selected.   In fact, most people's choice of restaurant lamps, the easy problem is that they only emphasize the form of lamps. It should be known that the hotel table lamp lighting method of the restaurant is local lighting, and the main is the lamp on the dining table, which illuminates the table area. It is advisable to choose under-hood, multi-head, and combination lamps; the shape of the lamps should be consistent with the overall decoration style of the restaurant; the bright, soft, and natural illumination requirements for the restaurant atmosphere should be met; generally it is not suitable to use upward lighting Lamps, because it doesn’t match the vision when dining.  The lighting of the restaurant is of course not only part of it, but also related auxiliary lighting, which plays a role in setting off the dining environment. There are many ways to use these auxiliary lights, such as setting up lighting in restaurant furniture, glass cabinets, etc.; local lighting of artworks and decorations. It is necessary to know that the auxiliary lighting is not mainly for lighting, but to set off the environment with light and shadow effects. Therefore, the illuminance is lower than that on the dining table. Under the premise of highlighting the main light source, the arrangement of light and shadow should be orderly and not disordered.  
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