Hotel room lighting selection requirements

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
First, the illumination requirements: general Saintly Lightingis 50-100 Lux, and the illuminance of the guest room is lower to reflect the characteristics of quietness, rest and even laziness. However, some lighting, such as the Saintly Lightingin front of the vanity mirror, and the bedside reading lighting, should provide satisfactory illuminance. These areas can take the illuminance value of 300 Lux.   What needs attention is that the most neglected is the writing lighting of the desk. Nowadays, few hotels provide writing desk lamps. Most hotel rooms are replaced by decorative desk lamps.  Second, color temperature requirements: around 3000K    Use light sources below 3500K in the bedroom, and light sources above 3500K in the bathroom. In the bedroom, warm colors are needed, and in the bathroom, high color temperatures are needed to show cleanliness and refreshment.   Third, color rendering requirements: Ra>90. Better color rendering, can make guests feel more proud and comfortable.  As above, it is the selection and parameter requirements of hotel room lamps. Please refer to this article for the selection of lamps and Saintly Lightingdesign in hotel rooms, which will surely give guests a feeling of home.  
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