How big is a crystal lamp in the hotel lobby?

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
Many hotels will choose crystal lamps when decorating, but you must see how big a crystal lamp fits in the hotel lobby? Of course, many hotels are designed with high ceilings, so you must pay attention to the size of the lamp in the hotel lobby. There are Saintly Lightingeffects. The different feelings in many hotels may be due to the lights in the lobby, which brings more feelings to people. This kind of different feeling, we all feel that it is full of luxury and charm, especially the hotel crystal lamp that is two or three meters long from top to bottom, which really makes many people feel that it is very beautiful. It’s just that when you choose crystal lamps, you must pay attention to the size and height of the hotel. If the hotel lobby is relatively small, it is very important to choose a smaller crystal lamp. If the small crystal lamp in the place is rather huge, it will make more people think it is very funny. Only the right crystal can give people a more upscale and solemn feeling.

How big a crystal lamp is needed in a hotel lobby?

   Crystal lights are all sizes, so when decorating the hotel, look at the space area of u200bu200bthe hotel lobby. Through the area, you can see how big the hotel crystal light material can fit, especially when the lights are turned on at night. This is a very good effect. , Is more important, so sometimes, hotel decoration, the choice of crystal lights in the lobby is also a headache, because you want to highlight the high-end layering of the hotel, but also want to have a soft light, in this regard, the size of the lamp must be selected. It needs to be more suitable. Sometimes the lights are too bright, but they are very dazzling, making people feel uncomfortable when they walk into the hotel. Especially when you look up and see that the crystal lamp is so dazzling, it will feel very bad. Therefore, the choice of hotel crystal lamps must be more in place. First of all, the color of the light is not glare, and people can see the shape of the crystal lamp when they look up. Only in this way can you feel the high-end hotel.

How big a crystal lamp is needed in a hotel lobby?

  Crystal lights are still very important in hotels, so the hotel lobby, the requirements for lights are obviously still very unique, very strict, and different lamp sizes can have more effects in the hotel, because the hotel wants to create The atmosphere, first of all, lies in the use of lights in the hotel lobby. This kind of light that first catches people’s eyes is also very important. Therefore, when choosing hotel crystal lights, they should be shaped according to different colors, such as round, long and square. All kinds of crystal lamps have different effects in the hotel lobby. Especially the color brought after the lamp is turned on is also very important, but it should be more attractive during the day, so that it can bring a better effect. The crystal lamp is not only a lighting, but also a decoration.
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