How effective is the color temperature of modern lighting?

by:Saintly     2021-06-03
There are more and more modern lighting design styles. Many people choose their eyes and don't know how to choose. The good-looking lighting is only the appearance of the effect, it is to choose the lighting. Playing or seeing the essential characters, and the insiders choose the characters of the lighting. How do you see the characters of the Saintly Lightingfrom this 6 o'clock? These three requirements are indispensable when different lighting effects are composed in different indoor spaces. Color temperature is the key element to define the atmosphere in the room. Depending on the indoor space, modern lighting effects have different regulations on color temperature. Because today's lighting can also adjust the color temperature, the choice is more suitable, but if there is no color temperature For the adjustment function, generally choose products with a color temperature of 3000-4000 k. This type of lamp has a milder effect and does not hurt your eyes. The color temperature of the bedroom can be as high as 3000K. The color rendering of lighting is average, and the color rendering of modern lighting effects in the home should be enough to keep RA80 in mind. This modern lighting is suitable for all corners of everyone's indoor space design, so that the room is not easy to darken, and the actual effect is also very good, so you can keep this index value in mind when purchasing. Everyone knows that contemporary minimalist style is based on simple design and extreme key points to create a fashionable and concise home decoration style. The contemporary minimalist style is simple and not easy. It has high requirements for the layering of colors and materials. Therefore, when you choose the living room lamp, you can't choose the lighting fixture with too complicated design. fixtures can be selected from simple, fresh, and heavy-wired types. The material of the living room lamp can be selected from laminated glass, metal materials and other materials. The color style of modern lighting should be consistent with the overall interior decoration style of the large living room. Everyone should pay attention to the actual characteristics when choosing modern lighting. The large living room, as a key theme activity and entertainment club for the family, is generally clean and tidy. Therefore, when choosing a living room lamp, it is best not to choose a lamp cover with poor light transmittance. When choosing a living room lamp, you can choose a living room lamp with modern lighting.
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