How many led recessed ceiling lights are produced by Saintly per year?
With years of development, Zhong Shan Saintly Lighting Co. Ltd has successfully further expanded the production capacity, which contributes to the increasing annual output. We have put a lot of investment into introducing advanced machines to ensure the high-quality output of led recessed ceiling lights each year. We employed professional and skilled engineers to optimize production technology in order to manufacture products more efficiently while ensuring the bulk production.

At present, Saintly is in a leading position in terms of domestic production scale and product quality. According to the material, Saintly's products are divided into several categories, and wall lamp is one of them. The product features the desired durability. Adopting high-performance electrical components and insulation materials, it is guaranteed to be reliable for a long time. With IP44 waterproof rating, it can work well in the bathroom or anyplace with water splashing. Saintly greatly makes an emphasis on the before sale, sale and after-sale technical support. Multiple processes including chemical cleaning and hammering have been applied to the product.

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