How modern and simple lighting makes a dim living room look bright

by:Saintly     2021-06-02
Modern and simple lighting is more versatile. The color and design of the lampshade are more exquisite, giving the space a better decoration effect, practical and durable, and more beautiful. It is more suitable for small and medium-sized households with modern and simple decoration style. So, which is better for modern lighting? Jingying recommends ten modern Saintly Lightingproducts that are worth buying. This list is supported by product data provided by the CNPP big data platform. The products of major e-commerce platforms are systematically organized, and the materials, styles, and decorative effects of the products are comprehensively based on the products. , Applicable space, price grade, popular sales volume, brand awareness, user reputation evaluation and other strength data as a reference. The product ranking is for reference only. Only the products sorted and included by the system are displayed for recommendation. The rankings are in no particular order. If you have any questions about products not included or recommended, please comment/criticize at the end. Many people’s living rooms have poor Saintly Lightingdue to the fact that they are not facing the window. When this kind of living room encounters a rainy day, it is even more gloomy, causing a certain amount of pressure on the owner's psychology. In this case, some reasonable designs can be used to highlight the three-dimensional space, which will make the back sun living room appear bright.  1) Add artificial light source: light can create an intriguing sense of hierarchy. Appropriately add some auxiliary light sources, especially simple modern lights, which can be reflected on the ceiling and wall to reflect a warmer effect.  2) Unified color tone: Do not use dull colors in a sunny living room. Due to space limitations, certain colors will destroy the soft and warm feeling of the room as a whole. But the matt lacquer furniture with white beech finish; the light beige floor and glossy tiles; the light blue wall can break through the dullness of the color and play a role in adjusting the light. 3) Increase activity space: Placing ready-made furniture in the living room will inevitably produce some blind spots and destroy the overall sense of color. The way to solve this contradiction is to tailor the furniture according to the specific conditions of the living room, and try to leave more space , To maintain a refreshing feeling visually.
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