How modern simple lighting reflects eclectic furniture style

by:Saintly     2021-06-02
With the development of compact light sources, a variety of new technologies and new processes have been continuously adopted, and electrical accessories such as ballasts have been miniaturized, and modern minimalist lighting has been developing in the direction of compactness, practicality and multi-function. The modern style of color matching mainly emphasizes the contrast and coordination between the primary colors, and the choice of decorative painting and fabric has a finishing touch on the color effect of the entire home space. The decoration color matching of modern and simple style is mainly divided into six color systems: bright color system with yellow and orange as the center color, hard color system with red as the center color, and soft color system with soft pink as the center color. , The elegant color system with pink as the center color, the elegant color system with rose and lavender home design as the center color, and the gorgeous color system with orange, blue and gold as the center color. In the use of furniture, the modern style emphasizes strong functionality, simple and smooth lines, and more choice of solid wood furniture and panel furniture. Solid wood furniture is made of natural materials and will not use artificial panels to make furniture; while panel furniture has the characteristics of simple and bright, flexible and easy to use, and the price is relatively easy to choose. Modern and simple Saintly Lightingwill choose to use a large number of new materials such as tempered glass or stainless steel to produce, reflecting the eclectic furniture style.   1. The application range of compact fluorescent lamps in modern minimalist Saintly Lightinghas increased. The original fluorescent lamps were mainly concentrated on the development of desk lamps, and now they have gradually expanded to the development of various home lighting brands, various Saintly Lightingplaces and functional lighting fixtures. We can make a simple classification: low-power compact fluorescent lamps are generally used in table lamps and grille lamps; high-power compact fluorescent lamps are generally used in various road lamps, garden lamps, and lawn lamps; among them, three-tube compact fluorescent lamps Most of the fixtures use electronic ballasts and are equipped with uniquely designed reflectors. The efficiency of the lamps is higher. If computers and infrared remote control devices are added, it is more economical and practical.  2. The design of various small lamps is more exquisite and reasonable. Such as: a miniature spotlight produced by the British Thorne Company. The leading end of each optical weave of this lamp is equipped with various optical accessories, including prisms, lenses, gratings, etc., to control the beam, with unique functions and small size. .  3. In order to adapt to the flexibility requirements of modern buildings with variable indoor sizes and variable functions, as much as possible to use the building space to facilitate people's lives, multi-functional combined lamps came into being. For example, ceiling fan lights suitable for homes and offices use a control system that integrates lighting dimming and fan speed adjustment functions, which can not only implement full range dimming of the light source, but also implement three-speed speed control for the fan, which is convenient and practical. . Another example is a multifunctional lighting device suitable for use in the ward, which can be used as a background light source for receiving visitors, and has four functions: a table lamp, a lamp for medical examinations and a lamp for night nurse rounds.
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