How much do you know about the three main points in the process of customizing lamps?

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
Nowadays, personal customization is becoming more and more popular in the market, and lamps are naturally no exception. Many people are no longer satisfied with the general lamp design when decorating their houses. They start to look for customized lamps, but actually choose custom lamps. There will be a lot of problems. Below is a list of three key points in the process of customizing lamps. How much do you know?

1. Fully communicate with designers
When we customize lamps, we often need to have in-depth and full communication with the designers of the lamp manufacturers. We need to clarify our customization needs, and at the same time tell the other party based on our own preferences and design decoration style, so that the designer can According to the actual situation of your house, we can make a reasonable customized Saintly Lightingdesign plan, and we can achieve the effect we want through continuous modification.

2. Go to the factory exhibition hall to understand
We also need to understand the actual strength of custom lighting manufacturers. After all, there is no proof, we still need to go to the field for more peace of mind. You can ask the other party to take us to visit the sample exhibition hall of customized lamps, mainly to understand the other party's production process, the most popular lamp styles nowadays, so that it will also promote the follow-up customized lamps and better choose the right lamps.

3. The designer visits the site
In order to make customized lamps without errors, we also need designers to come to the house to understand the actual situation, to measure the position and size of the lamps, a professional designer should measure the position of the lamps from different directions. To obtain the measurement data, it is necessary to select the appropriate lighting customization scheme according to the color of the furniture and decorations to achieve a complementary visual effect.

The above are the three main points we need to understand when customizing lamps. I don't know how much do you know? In fact, custom lamps always need to be carefully selected. It is necessary to understand each process in order to ensure the quality of the lamps as much as possible.
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