How to buy a bedroom table lamp

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
The bedroom is a place to rest every day. A suitable desk lamp can not only play a role in local lighting, but also has a good decorative effect. So how to choose a bedroom lamp? For many people who do not understand lights, there are still some difficulties. Let's talk about some tips for buying bedroom table lamps, let's take a look below. Bedroom table lamps are usually used for bedside lighting. This is a very common decoration in modern family bedrooms. There are many bedroom table lamps on the market. Some of them look simple and elegant, while others are very artistic. how to choose? The choice of bedroom table lamp should not be random, it will not only affect the overall style of interior decoration, but also affect our eyesight. Therefore, when choosing bedroom table lamp, we still need to master some bedroom table lamp purchasing skills, which will be introduced below. 1. The Saintly Lightingof the table lamp: the choice of Saintly Lightingis particularly important for the buying skills of the bedroom table lamp. The desk lamp in the bedroom should be soft, which can create a warm living atmosphere. The bedroom is where people rest. The soft lighting is more in line with people's psychological state. Too strong light not only makes people’s eyes uncomfortable, but also affects people’s sleepiness. Soft lighting mainly refers to warm or neutral lighting, such as milky white and light yellow. The lighting of the desk lamp in the bedroom should be soft. Don't blindly request to lower the brightness. Too dim Saintly Lightingwill make people feel frustrated. For those who are accustomed to reading before going to bed, it will affect their vision. The requirements for lighting can not only start from the light source itself, but also from the lampshade. Please pay attention to whether the material of the lampshade can soften the light. 2. The height of the lamp: This is very important for people who have the habit of reading before going to bed. When you are lying in bed and reading, the light range of the desk lamp should be higher than your sitting posture, so that the book in your hand is fully illuminated; if the height of the desk lamp in the bedroom is lower than or equal to the height of the bed, the light cannot be fully illuminated To the book. In this case, people who read books will feel discomfort in their eyes, which will affect their vision in the long run. 3. The style of the table lamp: the grasp of the style is also a very important point in the bedroom table lamp trading skills. Modern homes use table lamps not only for lighting, but also for decoration. Table lamp has become an important part of home decoration, and its choice is also a reflection of the owner's taste to a certain extent. Therefore, most bedroom desk lamps today are called craft desk lamps. They consist of a lamp holder and a lampshade. Common lamp holder materials include marble, stone, ceramics and so on. The lampshade is made of more materials than the lamp holder, such as glass, metal and textiles, rattan materials and so on. All in all, the lamp holder and lampshade are cleverly combined to form an exquisite artwork. When choosing a bedroom table lamp, you must consider whether the style of the table lamp is in harmony with the overall decoration. Only coordinated table lamps can play a decorative role. 4. The switch of the desk lamp: The most important thing that can not be ignored in the buying skills of the desk lamp in the bedroom is the position of the switch. Using the desk lamp in the bedroom, convenient operation is an important reference factor. The position of the bedroom lamp may be different. The switch is within reach, which will be very troublesome. If it is used by the bed, the switch is on the light. If it is placed far away from the bed, it is recommended to choose a remote control switch to adjust the brightness and switch. The bedroom desk lamp plays an increasingly important role in life. Choosing a high-quality desk lamp can improve the quality of life. The above is a summary of bedroom lamp buying skills. I hope that when choosing a table lamp, I can refer to the buying tips of bedroom table lamps.
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