How to choose a bedroom table lamp and related maintenance skills

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
Bedroom table lamps are very common in modern lighting. Not only can you find bedroom lights in family life, but you can also see the sound and shadow of bedroom lights in large hotels and guesthouses. Although it looks small, its role in daily life cannot be ignored. How to choose the bedroom table lamp and related maintenance skills. With this series of questions, let us look down together. How to choose the bedroom lamp: 1. Color and brightness The color of the bedroom lamp is yellow. Yellow represents auspiciousness, so yellow light is a warm color with a feeling of happiness. The lamp on the bedside table in the bedroom must not violate the principle of the dark room in the hall, and the bright living room makes people feel good. 2. Choose the number The number of table lamps on the bedside table in the bedroom is also very special. It is generally better to be singular. Don't choose an even number. Also need to pay attention to odd-numbered desk lamps. Do not arrange them in a row to avoid burning incense. In addition, the lamp on the bedside table in the bedroom should not be placed near the bedside. This will affect people's sleep. Over a long period of time, people's sleep quality will decline, emotionally unstable, and easy to get sick. 3. Light source characteristics Enjoy modern lighting and avoid the impact of poor Saintly Lightingon human health. When bedroom desk lamps must be used for lighting, the following principles should be kept in mind: Use uniform lighting, the Saintly Lightingof each part must be consistent, maintain stable lighting, and the light source should not be dark, bright or flickering, and maintain adequate lighting. Then, please be careful not to let light directly into your eyes. 4. Place the bedside lamp. The bedside lamp is usually placed on the bedside. The bedside lamp should not be placed too low. Too low will affect people's sleep quality. Try to place them on the left and right sides of the head. How to maintain the bedroom desk lamp: 1. Under normal circumstances, use chicken feathers to gently tap the dust on the bulb, and then wipe the bulb holder with a soft cloth to remove the dust. 2. The lampshade can also be removed and cleaned as a whole. Wash directly with water without detergent. Use a clothes brush to gently brush off the dust on the surface. After washing, it can be dried naturally (do not dry). 3. Does not require much maintenance. If it is dirty, wipe it with a plain cloth dampened with water. 4. Cleaning is relatively simple, but dust should be removed regularly. It can be said that in daily life, the bedroom table lamp not only plays the role of lighting, but more importantly, with the continuous improvement of modern people's aesthetic concept, it has become a kind of beautiful equipment and standard. The bedroom table lamp can make the whole bedroom look less monotonous and more mysterious. The above is also an introduction to the selection of bedroom table lamps and related maintenance techniques. hoping it is helpful to you.
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