How to choose a living room chandelier

by:Saintly     2021-06-07
In order to ensure that the hall is bright enough, for the space above 20 square meters, we should try our best to choose chandelier with luxurious shape, novel shape, and different styles, which can also solve the empty feeling of the space. If the space is less than 20 square meters, it is more suitable to use ceiling lights, and if the floor height is higher than 2.5 meters, it is also suitable to install chandelier. Modern living room chandelier 1. Decorative style. The decoration of living room chandelier should pay attention to the overall supporting design. The chandelier in the living room plays a finishing touch in the overall decoration. It can show the artistic effect of its Saintly Lightingfrom the shape and light. Pay attention to the color selection and overall of the lamps. The decoration styles are consistent and can match each other. 2. Difficulties in cleaning and maintenance of lamps No matter which type of chandelier you choose, maintenance and cleaning are also considerations. Generally, most beautiful chandeliers have a complicated structure and are difficult to clean. If it is not cleaned frequently, the lamp is susceptible to moisture and dust, which can lead to rot, paint peeling, and ash which affects the brightness of the lighting. 3. Lamp energy consumption Living room chandelier is used very frequently, so when choosing energy saving, energy saving lamp model has white light and yellow light to choose from. This can be based on personal preference, choose the appropriate light color.
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