How to choose a room wall lamp? What are the maintenance tips for wall lamps?

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
Many people have the habit of installing a wall lamp in the room. It is not only a Saintly Lightingfixture, but also creates a romantic atmosphere for the room and makes people feel happy. So how to choose a room wall lamp? Where is the appropriate installation? 1. How to buy a room wall lamp 1. When buying a wall lamp, check the quality of the lamp shade first. Generally, the lampshade is made of glass. It is necessary to check the light transmittance, and the pattern style should be consistent with the room. The bracket is made of most metals, and its luster fullness and corrosion resistance should be checked. 2. The brightness of the light should be within 60w as far as possible, and the light should be soft. Small-sized rooms use thin single-head wall lamps, and large-sized rooms are suitable for thicker double-head wall lamps. When installing a wall lamp in a room with wallpaper, try not to install it too close to prevent the wallpaper from igniting after a long time, which may cause danger. The style and Saintly Lightingeffect of the wall lamp should be as consistent as possible with the wall and indoor environment. 3. Style There are also many styles of room wall lamps, such as European style, Korean style, pastoral style, modern minimalist style... Consumers should look at some actual decoration cases when purchasing, and choose the style of their own wall lamp. . 3. The shape of wall lamps on the market is becoming more and more unique. The novel and fashionable design has good decoration, which makes the atmosphere of the home space more romantic and relaxes the occupants. The installation position of the wall lamp in the room has a great relationship with the aesthetics, so the specific position must be measured before installation, and it should not be too high or too short, so as not to affect the effect. 2. Wall lamp installation location The wall lamp in the room is generally installed above the bed. Before installation, measure the height of the wall lamp from the ground and the distance from the wall. If the bedside wall lamp is installed too high, it will also have a certain impact on the lighting, which is not conducive to concentrating light. If the bedside wall lamp is installed too low, it will easily hit the head. Generally speaking, the distance between the bedside wall lamp and the ground is about 1.5-1.7 meters, and the distance from the wall is between 9.5-49cm. Third, the room wall lamp maintenance method The wall lamp has a shortcoming, for example, it is easy to accumulate dust, which can easily affect the normal performance of the light. Therefore, regular dust removal is required. The method is very simple. Use a slightly damp cloth to wring it dry and wipe it. Remember that the intensity should be moderate. The bulb is fragile. And the most important thing is that you must cut off the power first, and safety comes first. If the wall is prone to damp and water seepage, pay special attention to the wall and check it regularly to prevent the wall lamp from falling off. In daily use, try not to switch frequently, so as not to affect the service life of the wall lamp.
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