How to choose the right lamps according to the scene

by:Saintly     2021-06-07
With the accelerating pace of social development, different lighting lamps began to enter every household. However, people were not satisfied with its lighting function, and began to lay out their room scenes according to their own aesthetics, and Saintly Lightinglamps affected the layout of their favorite scenes. One of the factors.  Because of the different room scenes and different functions, we can divide the indoor dividends to consider how to choose lamps.  1. Selection of living room lamps   The living room is the main body of the room and the main place to receive guests and family members. Therefore, in terms of lamps, headlights are mainly combined with spotlights and downlights to form an overall lighting effect.   Together, we should also pay attention to the coordination with the indoor layout, home furnishing, and decoration to make the atmosphere of the living room more and more atmospheric. In the selection and layout of the TV cabinet, coffee table, and sofa lamps in the living room, we should also follow the principle of making the entire space more uniform and bright.  Second, restaurant   restaurant is a place where you can enjoy delicious food and gatherings. The main consideration should be to create an atmosphere and increase your appetite.   Under normal circumstances, we choose chandeliers, and we can choose different colors for the chandeliers to increase the artistic smell of the restaurant. In terms of Saintly Lightingcolors, we choose warm and warm colors and try to prevent the use of cool colors.  三. Entrance    The entrance usually has shoe cabinets, coat racks, etc., so I choose a downward-illuminating spotlight for the wooden door, or place a wall lamp on the wall of the entrance, which makes it easy for us to get in and out, take off our shoes and put on shoes. Similarly, try to prevent cold colors as much as possible. After all, the porch is the place where you just enter the door. Warm colors can give people a warm feeling as soon as they enter the door.  Fourth, bedroom  The bedroom is the area where we usually sleep and rest, so we need to build a comfortable rest, so we mainly focus on quietness in the lighting. Under normal circumstances, we do not recommend the use of too bright lights, but some of the lights are brighter.   We can choose to decorate a chandelier above the bed or design a few spotlights, and keep the color of the ceiling as flat as possible, so that we can create a more warm scene.  5. Toilet    The bathroom is a relatively private place. The lights in the bathroom are mainly composed of spotlights and wall lamps. Under normal circumstances, a wall lamp should be placed on both sides of the mirror of the dressing table so that we can take care of our face.  Indoor lamps, we have to consider the functionality of the room, the atmosphere and the size of the space, and hope to help you.  
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