How to customize non-standard engineering lamps such as hotel crystal lamps?

by:Saintly     2021-06-09
How to customize non-standard engineering lamps such as hotel crystal lamps?

Nowadays, many hotels, sales departments, villa clubs, hotel lights and large commercial places need to install crystal headlights or other types of lamps as auxiliary Saintly Lightingand decoration in the lobby. Among them, crystal lamps are The most used lighting. But now there are so many lighting manufacturers, how should Saintly Lightingbe used for lighting? Now Huaguang will introduce to everyone as a reference.

First of all, the custom engineering lamp crystal lamp should be consulted by professional custom manufacturers, instead of looking for the sellers to customize the lamp on Taobao. For example, if the household lamp is a car, the commercial engineering lamp is a tank. The quality and workmanship of the lamp is completely incomparable with the engineering lamp; the second is the details and the workmanship. The workmanship design of the household lamp is also different from that of the engineering lamp. The engineering lamp is different for almost every customer, which also involves the design ability of the manufacturer. High, every detail is considered and thoughtful, and household lamps are standard products, and there is no need to consider design issues. Therefore, it is easy to have many problems in the details of the household lamps and the engineering lamps. This was not considered when we did it before. It's also a problem of inexperience

The second is the safety issue. Because of the large size and heavy weight of hotel crystal lights, hotel lobby lights, villa lobby lights, etc., it is generally considered to be very considerate in reinforcement. Various ceiling holes are also denser than household lights. And the most important thing is the balance of weight. This is a problem that many household lamp manufacturers, including many engineering lamp manufacturers, have not considered. Most of the engineering lamps are non-standard products with different shapes and different weights. This decides to balance the weight-bearing construction and hole position design for each place, otherwise it is prone to safety problems, which is why we need to find a professional customizer to make it.

Finally, there is the issue of materials, such as hotel crystal lamps, hotel lobby lamps, sales department lamps, sand table crystal lamps and other lamps considering the effect, the materials must be good, the crystal level must be high, and household lamp manufacturers , Directly use the standard crystal and hardware baking varnish and electroplating process of household lamps on the engineering lamp, it is prone to defects. And the manufacturers of engineering lights have different requirements for products and details, which is why we choose professional non-standard engineering lights custom manufacturers.
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