How to develop a matching design plan for modern and simple lighting

by:Saintly     2021-05-30
The contemporary minimalist style is more and more popular with contemporary people because of its versatility and the integration of decorative art, and its stronger versatility. The acceleration of the pace of life and the soaring pressure of survival work have prompted everyone to look forward to a simple, brisk, comfortable, and free living space. The contemporary minimalist style puts aside the complexity, and the preservation is so simple that it meets the expectations of contemporary people. So how should the contemporary minimalist style develop a matching design plan, and what must be paid attention to when matching it? Contemporary minimalist style modern minimalist lighting in addition to concise design, pay more attention to application. Ceiling lamps, downlights, floor lamps, exquisite restaurant chandeliers and other types are more common, and the selection of materials is mostly acrylic, laminated glass, and metal materials. In the lighting design of the concise space, the basic lighting plus some mixed Saintly Lightingplan is generally selected. For example, a large living room generally uses an atmospherically bright ceiling lamp or ceiling lamp as a dining room lamp, with a variety of auxiliary lighting fixtures, such as wall lights, downlights, and track spotlights. If you want to often sit on the sofa to read a book, you can choose adjustable floor lamps or small table lamps as an aid to meet the chromaticity requirements of reading articles. Modern and simple lighting is suitable for low-rise, simple-style spaces, or multi-purpose rooms that serve as reception guests. Since the base of the ceiling lamp is completely attached to the top surface, it saves space especially, and it will not look burdensome like the ceiling lamp. Like other lamps, there are many raw materials for making modern and simple lighting, including plastic, laminated glass, metal materials, porcelain and so on. For the simple style space, the ceiling lamp is preferably acrylic material, which has the advantages of good light transmission, organic chemistry reliability and good wear resistance. Lampless lighting is a design technique for modern minimalist style space, and it is for a minimalist practical effect in the space. But this does not mean that there are no restaurant lights, just turning the Saintly Lightingdesign into a kind of implicit lighting hidden in the decoration ceiling. This kind of lighting method is actually higher than the external lighting design. It is stipulated that the light source must be 35cm above the top of the wall, so that it is not easy to cause an excessive halo and lead to a dark feeling in the space. The wall paint color should be as light as possible. Milky white is the best. The longer the color tone, the more absorbance, and the less light reflection will be. The key to the line light source lighting in the contemporary minimalist style space is based on modern minimalist lighting. Downlight is a type of Saintly Lightingfixture that is placed in the suspended ceiling and the light source is down-illuminated. Compared with the general surface mounted downlight, it has a condenser. Its major feature is that it can maintain the overall unity and ultimateness of architectural decoration design, and it is not easy to destroy the ultimate unity of decorative ceiling modeling art due to the setting of lamps. Downlights can reduce excess space occupation, highlighting the fresh and neat decoration style of simple home furnishings. If you want to build a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple downlights to alleviate the discomfort of the space.
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