How to distinguish the quality and grade of modern lighting?

by:Saintly     2021-06-09
After more than 20 years of development in the Chinese lighting market, the lighting industry has shown a rapid growth momentum in recent years, but the current lighting market is mixed with various Saintly Lightingbrands, and some merchants vigorously tout their lighting products using imported materials, which are fine work. High-end products, how to distinguish the quality and grade of lighting products? In the lighting decoration of buildings and the lighting design of villas, the role of high-end lamps and lanterns is indispensable, which puts forward requirements for the quality and grade of lamps and lanterns. There are a dazzling array of lamps and lanterns on the market, with uneven quality and prices. There is no standard to refer to. Now let Jingying Editor teach you how to distinguish the quality of modern lighting? Modern lighting has the characteristics of soft, uniform light, solemn and elegant shape, luxurious and refined, etc., mostly in European classical style, and imported Spanish marble lamps are high-end. When buying modern lighting, in addition to the above identification methods, we also need to understand the strength, reputation and reputation of the business, so that we can understand how to buy and consume with confidence. For example, the decoration style of your home belongs to Chinese style, so I suggest you buy some Chinese-style lighting indoors, like Jingying lighting modern lighting, modern lighting is a combination of marble lamps, Chinese and Western lights, fine workmanship, and materials It is exquisite, beautiful in shape, and gorgeous in material. It is not inferior to other mahogany furniture in terms of craftsmanship and cultural atmosphere. The mahogany lamps and lanterns have a natural aristocratic atmosphere, and the mahogany lamps and lanterns can be regarded as the fine products among the mahogany products. In modern homes, the use of modern lighting must be artistically conceived according to the overall space to determine the layout form, light source type, lamp style and light distribution method. The form of the lighting needs to be coordinated with the room decoration and matched with the furnishings; the material of the lamp shape needs to be consistent with the material of the furniture body in order to reflect the host's artistic conception. Through careful design, the home lighting can be made clear in the living room, quiet in the bedroom, targeted in the study, and focused on decorations. Under the premise of guaranteeing the use of light, it gives people a beautiful artistic enjoyment.
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