How to distinguish the quality of a custom lamp manufacturer

by:Saintly     2021-06-09
Some friends often ask me, how should I distinguish the quality of a custom Saintly Lightingmanufacturer? In fact, this is a complicated problem. As we all know, the current market has gradually entered high-end and personalized customization. At this time, there are naturally a large number of customized lighting manufacturers, but there are still many problems to pay attention to when choosing a manufacturer. The following is for this In terms of this, take everyone to find out.

1. On-site exhibition hall inspection
The most direct way to distinguish the quality of a custom lighting manufacturer is to go to the manufacturer’s showroom. Because no matter how good the other party’s promotion is, it ultimately depends on the production strength, and going to the exhibition hall can clearly understand the opponent's strength. Here you can learn about the other party's production process, design style, and the selection of lighting materials, which are some good ways to understand the other party's strength. After all, there is no proof in words. Many times you still have to see the real object to make a judgment. Don't trust the other party just because the other party's words are nice.

2. Understand the designer's strength
The quality of a custom-made lamp is sometimes directly linked to the strength of the other’s design team, because the designer determines the shape of the lamp and whether it can implement the lamp we want, so a good design team can add A lot of points on it. We can communicate with each other’s designers to understand each other’s professionalism, whether the other party is serious about communicating with us, the other party can clearly understand our design requirements, and we can also check the other’s design cases in previous years. They are all comparisons. An important reference standard.

Here are two ways to tell you how good a custom lighting manufacturer is. In fact, when we choose a custom Saintly Lightingmanufacturer, the most important thing is to choose a professional and reliable one. For example, it is a good choice. It has rich experience in custom lighting, a good market reputation, and is deeply loved and supported by consumers. It is a professional Saintly Lightingbrand, and you can rest assured to understand and choose.
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