How to express the material of modern minimalist lighting and the creativity of modern lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-07
The development of modern lighting design is the embodiment of people's living standards, and it is also a spiritual pursuit and transcendence. It is a process of expressing design concepts through concrete modern lighting materials. The relationship between modern lighting and materials is very close. Modern lighting materials can express a specific artistic style and are also the carrier of modern lighting art. In modern lighting design, under appropriate conditions, familiar with the internal and external structural characteristics and basic performance of the material, express the unique texture, color and texture of the material, convey an atmosphere to people, and thereby affect people's emotions. The new ideas expressed by materials in modern Saintly Lightingdesign will bring more new ideas. Replacement of commonly used materials Glass, metal, ceramics, and plastics are modern, simple and modern Saintly Lightingmaterials that we are familiar with. These materials have strong plasticity and have their own unique material styles. The texture and texture of a material is a common pattern in the public psychology, but if one material is used to express the texture or craftsmanship of another material in the design, it will inevitably bring a new visual experience to the viewer. The innovation of modern lighting is often a response to social trends. In an unfamiliar environment, by using new materials and developing their unrealized potential, the use of new materials in the design of modern lighting will have a significant innovation effect. There are two types of new materials, one is a brand-new material, the fusion of technology and art, full of unknown exploration. If you have the opportunity to become a big brand and cooperate with a big company, you must seize the opportunity. The business of large companies is stable. Don’t worry about the market fluctuations. Second, the management of large companies is relatively standardized, and in most cases it will not harm the dealers. Although the representatives of modern lighting manufacturers are a little bit arrogant, This is also a manifestation of the domineering of other people's brands, and it is not worth worrying about. Of course, the profit of a big brand is definitely not as high as that of a small brand, but the large volume and fast delivery of goods can help you expand your network, stabilize business resources and business partners, and improve your business grade and management level. Therefore, you must have a long-term perspective. To play, it is necessary to maintain long-term cooperation with big brands and large enterprises. Although the style of LED modern and simple lighting is simple, but the sense of design and decoration is very strong, so its research and development design, research and development speed, etc., determine its position in the market. In addition, the internal structure of LED modern minimalist lighting is extremely complex, unable to mechanize production and streamlined operations, which greatly tests the manufacturing capabilities of modern minimalist lighting manufacturers. At this stage, most modern minimalist lighting uses traditional low-voltage lamp bead light sources and simple fluorescent light sources, and making full use of the characteristics of LED light sources to design and develop modern minimalist lighting is the direction of enterprise development. The perfect combination of modern minimalist lighting and LED light source has made it an unstoppable trend for modern minimalist Saintly Lightingto fully enter the LED era. The difficulty of product research and development has increased. From the application level, LED modern minimalist lighting can be divided into two types: one is to change the light source, that is, to realize the simple replacement between the traditional light source and the LED light source; the other is to integrate. The integration of the body requires very high requirements for the quality and matching of the parts used. In other words, not all companies have the strength to develop and produce modern and simple LED lighting.
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