How to extend the service life of modern and simple lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-01
First of all, modern and simple lighting is more fashionable and elegant than ordinary lighting. Our more common modern lighting decorations mainly include large-scale high-end chandeliers, crystal table lamps, white lotus lamps, magic mirror lamps, etc., all of which bring us every feeling. 1. When installing Nordic minimalist lighting in a masonry structure, pre-embedded bolts should be used, or fixed with expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs, and wooden wedges should not be used. And the carrying capacity of the above-mentioned fixing parts should match the weight of the Nordic minimalist lighting, so as to ensure that the Nordic minimalist lighting is fixed firmly and reliably, and can extend its service life. 2. When using expansion bolts to fix, the bolt specifications should be selected according to the technical requirements of the product, and the drilling diameter and embedment depth must be consistent with the bolt specifications. 3. The number of bolts for fixing the lamp holder should not be less than the number of fixing holes on the base of the lamp, and the diameter of the bolts should match the hole diameter; lamps without fixed mounting holes on the base (punch holes during installation), each lamp is used for fixing The number of bolts or screws should not be less than two, and the center of gravity of the lamp must be consistent with the center of gravity of the bolts or screws; only when the diameter of the insulating table is 75mm or less, one bolt or screw can be used for fixing. 4. Modern and minimalist lighting cannot be directly installed on combustible objects. Some families use painted three-ply plates to line the back of Nordic minimalist lighting for aesthetics. In fact, this is very dangerous and heat insulation measures must be taken; if the surface of the lamp is hot When the part is close to combustible materials, heat insulation or heat dissipation measures should also be taken. Nowadays, people's work and life pressure are relatively high, so people generally have the psychology of returning to the basics and advocating nature. In order to cater to people's psychology, modern lighting combines art and practicality, such as plum blossom wall lamp, fish tail table lamp, peach lamp and other modeling lamps, using various wooden art sculptures, no less than real crafts. The material of the lampshade is widely used in paper, wood, and gauze. The outside is carved with patterns such as Chang'e flying to the moon and fairy descending to the earth. There are many advantages of modern and simple lighting, one of the big advantages is that it is very environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and fully meets the requirements of modern people for a low-carbon life. Modern lighting uses high-tech. Although the power of home Saintly Lightingbrands is low, the amount of light is much higher than that of incandescent lamps of the same power, such as energy-saving lamps. The widespread use of new energy-saving bulbs has become the mainstream technology of modern lighting products.
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