How to install common lamps

by:Saintly     2021-06-07
lamps and lanterns are indispensable electrical appliances in every family. It can both illuminate and change the indoor atmosphere. Many owners like to buy various beautiful lighting to decorate their homes. In fact, its equipment is not difficult, and we can also equipment ourselves. Let's take a look at the lighting equipment method and lighting equipment considerations.  Different lighting equipment methods are different:  1, chandelier has become a favorite of many owners because of its gorgeous shape.   When the chandelier equipment is on the top surface of the concrete, it can be fastened with embedded parts, penetrating bolts and expansion bolts. Depending on the theme and weight of the lamp during the equipment, the standard of the selected expansion bolts should be determined, but the minimum should not be less than M6 (mm), the multi-head chandelier should not be less than M8 (mm), and the number of bolts should be at least 2. Light self-tapping screws cannot be used.   2. The ceiling lamp design is simple and generous, with versatile shapes.   Ceiling lamps have round, square or rectangular bases (chassis), and the bases vary in size. The base of the lamp can be fastened with expandable bolts, and can also be fastened with wood screws on the embedded wooden bricks. If the diameter of the base of the lamp holder exceeds 100 mm, 2 screws must be used. If pre-embedded bolts and penetrating bolts are used for the lighting equipment, the bolt diameter shall not be less than 6 mm. Wood screws can be used to fix the lamp on the base. The number of wood screws should not be less than the number of equipment holes given by the lamp.  3. The wall lamp is small in size and is an artifact to create an atmosphere.  The wall lamp can choose the base table or not need the base table according to the structure of the base. When using the base table, you should fix the base table first, and then fix the wall lamp on the base table. The base is generally made of wooden boards, the thickness of the boards should be greater than 15 mm, and the surface is painted with decorative paint. In the case of wall lamp equipment, it can be fixed by screwing in the screw hole of the equipment screw hole of the lamp position box, or it can be fixed by drilling holes on the wall, pre-embedded wooden bricks or plastic expanding pipe screws. The wall lamp base screws are generally no less than 2 pcs. The height of the wall lamp is generally 2 to 2.2 meters above the ground from the center of the lamp, and 1.2 to 1.4 meters for the wall lamp of the bedside equipment.   Next, let’s take a look at the detailed lighting equipment process:    1. The selection of equipment drill bits is very important. First of all, you must choose a suitable electric drill. The hole on the ceiling is generally 6mm. The equipment is to choose a suitable electric drill standard. 2. The equipment lighting must be equipped with a ceiling basin. Find the hole on the top plate of the suction cup, remove the hanging plate from the top plate, and align it with the top plate. Matters needing attention for screwing: If the space is not aligned, pay attention to adjusting the position of the screw.   3. Pay attention to marking on the wall when drilling holes. Be sure to pay attention to the depth of the hole when drilling.  4. The screws are about to be installed after drilling. We need to install the expansion screw, fit the expansion screw into the hole → use a hammer to drive it in.   5. Fix the hanging plate and fully embed the expansion screw into the wall → Note for fixing the hanging plate: The equipment must be firm and the wood screws must not be offset.   6. After the equipment is finished, the final step is to fix it. Fix the ceiling plate and the lamp body, connect the hanging plate and the ceiling plate with screws, and tighten the screws. When installing electrical lighting equipment in a masonry structure, use pre-embedded hooks, bolts, screws, expansion bolts, nylon plugs or plastic plugs for fixing; wooden wedges are prohibited. If there is no special requirement, the wall openings are all 6mm. For the safety of fixed lamps for you and your family, please be sure to observe the above two points.  Precautions for lighting equipment    1. First of all, we must clarify the location of the lighting equipment. Before equipping the lamps, you should plan the orientation and type of the lamps and reserve the power cord.  2, the time and minute of the equipment should fully consider the height. The height of the Saintly Lightingequipment should be regular, for example, the lighting equipment in the living room should be higher than 2M, because it is avoided that tall people stand up and do not touch it. For more information: I didn’t pay attention to these details when lighting equipment, and I regretted it too late. 3. When the equipment is used, the bearing capacity should also be considered. As far as possible, do not directly install the lamp on the ceiling. If you want to install the device on the ceiling, you should ensure that the weight of the lamp is half of the ceiling's bearing capacity.   4. Pay attention to safety during the construction process. When replacing the lamp, removing the cover and the fuse, the power supply must be blocked.   5. Regular checking is also very important. The safety lighting fixtures should be checked regularly to ensure that no abnormalities occur.  6. u200bu200bThe wiping process after the equipment is also very important. The metal part of the lamp cannot be arbitrarily used with polishing powder, and the dust on the back of the lamp can be wiped with a marble or a dry cloth.
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