How to make a custom project of hotel lighting?

by:Saintly     2021-06-07
How to make a custom project of hotel lighting?

Lamp engineering is the channel for distributors to sell the most.

First of all, to obtain the relevant materials of the project, including the location, establishment time, investor, establishment, designer, and person in charge of each unit

  Secondly, we must understand the needs of the other party, and the focus of the needs, whether it is price, brand, or human factors

   Third, find out who is the main decision maker. Fourth, do a good job in public relations and find a breakthrough

   Fifth, the contract should be made rigorously, especially in terms of price, supply, maintenance, and related payment. Sixth, follow up the later work of the project, do a good job of maintenance and collection

   Every dealer in the market wants to do a good job of the project! Everything is difficult at the beginning, and the same is true for dealers in engineering. Huaguang believes that doing engineering projects requires a process. The most important thing is personal connections, marketing managers, product characteristics, company integrity, after-sales service, repaying others, etc. In fact, every project order of a dealer is very important. I don’t know if you don’t understand the information dissemination of mobile phone text messages. Dealers do the same for engineering. From a small order to hundreds of engineering orders to thousands of engineering orders, it is possible.

Operation Rules of Hotel Project:

The first step: contact engineering information


  1. Construction status (plan CAD drawing, elevation CAD drawing, decoration CAD drawing, decoration effect drawing)

  2, the specific request of the lamp installation location on the lamp;

  3, designer thoughts (style, design thoughts, communication with lights)

   4. Building location and urban culture

Step 2: Stop the light efficiency budget according to the understood engineering information:

   reference elements are:

  1. The size of the space, the ratio of doors and windows, the position of the lamp installation and the status of the lamp pool;

  2, the condition of interior decoration materials and colors;

  3. Illumination request of the lighting installation area;

The third step: According to the data of the first and second steps, configure the lamp matching plan:

  1. The content includes: lamp style (multiple alternative plans), lamp layout, circuit assembly, device method, device embedded; also includes cost budget, power and daily cost budget;

  2. Go to the site to investigate the specifications and installation conditions of the lamps; and separate the consumer technology of the lamps and the consumer department to stop communication to determine whether the selection of lamps can be expressed;

3. Negotiate with the owner or the decoration team whether the installation request can be supported and is indeed operability;

  4. Among them, like crystal lamps in the lobby, crystal in the banquet hall, and the bottom of the lamp is more than 10 meters above the air, it is recommended to install an invisible protective net or a camouflage lamp component net to increase the safety factor;

Step 4: Submit the lamp matching proposal and get the fundamental confirmation;

Step 5: Prepare the cost report of lamps and lanterns and submit it to Party A for signature;

Step 6: Follow up consumption:

  1, to ensure the implementation of lamp characteristic requests;

  2, follow up the progress of Saintly Lightingconsumption to ensure that the delivery date is reached;

3. Follow up the entrustment of lamps and lanterns to ensure safe transportation and complete accessories;

Step 7: Follow up the installation and debugging of lamps;

Step 8: Submit the completion report and make the final cost list;

Step 9: Party A’s on-site audit and settlement;

Step 10: Stop customer service maintenance depending on the actual situation;

   1. Professional knowledge training including general maintenance and application of lamps and lanterns;

  2, entrust spare parts of lamps and lanterns, guide the replacement plan;

  3. Regularly follow up and record the use of lamps and lanterns, and do a good job of prevention;

Step 11: Sign a regular maintenance contract; the method is as follows:

  1. Maintenance cycle: usually one year as a cycle;

  2, the scope of maintenance: including the cleaning of the entire lamp, structural safety/electrical circuit inspection, replacement of vulnerable parts, partial appearance adjustment, etc.;

  3. Operating time: Normally, work under conditions that do not greatly affect the normal shutdown;

   4. Acceptance and settlement;

   If we want to do a good job in hotel Saintly Lightingprojects, we must be honest in life and honest in running a company. Because many people in the society nowadays are fooled, the word 'integrity' is used as a colloquial language, and there is no practical action. As a business, you should regard integrity as a practical action, but the number of companies that truly achieve integrity is increasing. Repaying others is also an important point. Businessmen want to have many old customers. Several businessmen have taken care of them. As a business, you should take good care of your old customers. You can send a text message to congratulate them during the holidays, and make some gifts to give them when you earn money. At the same time, you can help the business to promote and deepen their impression of the business. These are very helpful for engineering projects.
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