How to make modern and simple lighting to improve the effective utilization of lamps and lanterns

by:Saintly     2021-06-09
The selection of modern and simple lighting pursues simplicity and clarity, eliminating the blind pursuit of superficial appearance and over-decorative style in the past. It not only emphasizes individuality, but also emphasizes the coordination with the background environment, and also pays attention to the texture of the lamp materials. In order to ensure the lighting conditions and visual comfort, most lamps are equipped with various series of complete sets of accessories, so that users can adjust themselves according to their needs. The continuous advancement of modern lighting technology, the endless emergence of new materials, new processes, and new scientific and technological achievements, and their wide application, as well as people’s in-depth research on various Saintly Lightingprinciples and their use environments, have greatly enriched modern lighting, lamps, and lighting. The expressiveness and beautification methods of the lighting environment also break through the traditional concept of simple lighting and brighten the environment. Pay attention to starting from the lighting effect, so that the lamps and lanterns can meet the practical needs and maximize the effect of the light source, and pay more attention to the lamps and lanterns. The appearance is as beautiful as possible, comfortable, durable and other decorative beauty effects, thus forming the four major trends in the development of modern minimalist lighting. 1. Pursue efficient and energy-saving light sources. In recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving lighting facilities and technologies, energy-saving lighting design technology has become a concern of lamp manufacturers, and they have realized that energy-saving light sources should be used first to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving lamps. It is a prerequisite for high efficiency and energy saving; secondly, according to the size and shape of the energy-saving light source, the optical system of the lamp is carefully designed to truly improve the effective utilization of the lamp. 2. Pay attention to the development of integrated technology of lamps and lighting systems 3. Progress in multi-function and miniaturization. With the development of compact light sources, the continuous adoption of ultra-small, ultra-pu, and various new technologies and new techniques for lamp electrical accessories such as ballasts, modern minimalist lighting is becoming more compact, practical and Multifunctional development. 4. The transformation from a single lighting function to both lighting and decoration. 1. Modern and simple lighting is full of fashion and elegance. Such as large-scale high-end chandeliers, crystal table lamps, white lotus lamps, magic mirror lamps, etc. 2. Return to the basics and advocate nature. Modern and simple lighting caters to people's psychology of returning to simplicity and advocating nature. Art and practicality are combined, such as plum blossom wall lamps, fish tail table lamps, peach-shaped lamps and other modeling lamps, using various wooden art sculptures, no less than real crafts . The material of the lampshade is widely used in paper, wood, and gauze. The outside is carved with patterns such as Chang'e flying to the moon and fairy descending to the earth. 3. Colorful, warm and elegant. The modern and simple lighting market is synchronized with the colorful life, with maple leaf red, natural blue, coral yellow, aquatic green, etc., the colors are elegant and warm. 4. Focus on energy saving, economical and practical. Due to the use of high technology, although the power of modern minimalist Saintly Lightingis low, its light output is much higher than that of incandescent lamps of the same power, such as energy-saving lamps. The widespread use of new energy-saving bulbs has become the mainstream technology of modern minimalist lighting products. 5. Multiple combinations and complete functions. People are no longer just satisfied with the lighting function of lamps, lamps suitable for various usage requirements came into being. Combining Saintly Lightingwith daily necessities is also a popular daily fashion, such as ceiling fan lights, round mirror lights, flashlight yellow lights and so on. 6. High technology. Because electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of lamps, there are more third-generation lighting lamps that adapt to different voltages and can adjust the brightness. Lamps that can protect eyesight, such as non-strobe lamps, three-wavelength chromatogram adjustable lamps, and far-infrared red light emitting lamps, are also on the market.
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