How to use modern and simple lighting to create a sense of luxury in the bedroom

by:Saintly     2021-06-09
The bedroom can give everyone a sense of security and relaxation, and is the safest haven for people. We will stay in the bedroom for a long time after get off work, so the choice of bedroom Saintly Lightingis very important. Modern and simple lighting can be used not only at night, but also when reading before going to bed. The first is to pay attention to the choice of light intensity. When choosing modern and simple lighting, one should pay attention to the light source not being too strong; the other is to pay attention to the placement of the lamps and avoid direct sunlight on the top of the bed as much as possible. Most families will choose a ceiling lamp or small chandelier as the light source, and the illuminance is between 50-100 Lux. At the same time, more and more families will choose to arrange light strips on the bedside or top of the bed, which not only plays a role in beautifying the shape and space, but also makes the space more layered, rendering a refined and fashionable indoor atmosphere, and can also Solve the problem of light pollution. In addition to the main light, there are some auxiliary lamps, which also play an important role. For example, set up wall lamps at the bedside, or put some small spotlights, luminous lamp slots, downlights, etc. in the space as decorative Saintly Lightingto reduce the light contrast in the room. In addition, there are also requirements for the wattage of the light. Generally, if the bedroom area is 5-10 square meters, choose 13-25W; 10-15 square meters choose 25-38W; choose 15-20 square meters 38-50W; choose more than 20 square meters> 50W. The second is the choice of light color temperature. No matter how good the space is, light is needed to activate it. Whether it is color, material or volume, it needs light to illuminate and present, especially lighting is very important for the creation of atmosphere. The bedroom is suitable for the use of warm-colored lighting, which does not give people visual stimulation. The use of a light source with a color temperature of 3000-3500K can create a cordial, warm and friendly atmosphere. The last is the choice of the height of the bedside lamp. For people who have the habit of reading before going to bed, they must be equipped with a bedside lamp, and the position of the bedside table lamp should be adjusted higher. The normal bedside table lamp should be placed 80-100cm above the ground. Another way is to install a dimmable modern minimalist lighting on the background wall of the bed. The height of the modern minimalist lighting is preferably 1.5-1.7m above the ground from the bottom of the wall lamp.
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