Indoor lighting classification

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
According to different classifications of engineering lighting principles. Generally, indoor Saintly Lightingdesign can be divided into four categories according to different lighting principles: direct lighting design, indirect lighting design, diffuse lighting design, and spot lighting design.  The occasions used in different lighting designs are also different. Direct lighting design is usually applied to home interiors. First of all, because the light generated by direct lighting design is uniformly scattered, it is very suitable for the whole interior. Indirect lighting design is based on the principle of light reflection. Since the placement of the real machine in some places is limited by space and other factors, it is necessary to use indirect lighting methods to achieve the effect of arrival.  In ordinary days, we can find that many shops have glass in boutiques, so that a certain amount of light will occur to bring out the quantity and exquisiteness of the items in the whole shop. Diffuse lighting design means that the lights scatter light during the Saintly Lightingprocess, which makes people feel very comfortable. Generally, there will be such a layout during stage performances. Concentrating lighting design This is to use the principle of light projection to focus lights on a certain thing, and generally have an outstanding effect.   (2) According to different classifications of engineering lamps and lanterns. Generally, indoor lighting design can be divided into overall lighting design and partial lighting design according to its function. The overall lighting design means that the light function can satisfy the illumination of the entire space and make the entire space appear. Part of the lighting function is to make outstanding points in the area, which can attract people's attention and achieve a certain effect.  The classification of interior Saintly Lightingdesign can be roughly distinguished in this way, and the reasonable use of engineering lamps and lanterns is very important. As long as the application of engineering lamps is fully designed, an outstanding lighting effect can be created.  
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