Introduce commonly used garden lighting engineering lamps and lanterns

by:Saintly     2021-06-12
The garden is a high degree of unification of ecology and beauty, and garden Saintly Lightingplanning should also follow such guidelines to create a night environment with artistic beauty.  To achieve such a night scene lighting effect, in addition to creative lighting planning, you also need to use lamps and lanterns wonderfully. In garden lighting, commonly used lights include courtyard lights, landscape lights, lawn lights, underground lights, flood lights, etc. Today, I will share with you the functions and application scenarios of different lamps.  1. Yard light    Yard light is often used for garden road lighting. The main components are light sources, lamps, light poles, flanges, and foundation embedded parts. Garden lights are versatile and beautiful, and can not only achieve functional Saintly Lightingbut also beautify and decorate the environment.  2. Landscape lamp   Landscape lamp, as the name implies, is a lamp with high ornamental and artistic quality. Common term The public green space in the garden has a rich variety of shapes, and it is often planned according to the historical and humanistic environment of the garden to achieve the purpose of highlighting the theme and secondary landscaping.  3. Lawn lights    Lawn lights refer to small lamps installed in shrubs or used to illuminate the lawn. Its light source is soft, decorative, safe, and easy to install. It is often used in places such as square green spaces and green belts in gardens. 4. Buried light Buried light is named after it is buried in the ground. It has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-seepage, small size, low power consumption and long service life, but it is also difficult to clean and has severe glare. The shortcomings are mostly used to portray garden sketches at night.  5. Floodlight    Floodlight is a light source that points outward and diffuses and illuminates, and the illuminating scale of the light source can be adjusted arbitrarily. Because the floodlight can adjust the illuminating angle at will, and the performance is excellent, it is mostly used in the garden to shape the moon shadow of tall trees, and to portray large areas of shrubs at night.  
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