Is this modern lighting design reasonable?

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
Living room lighting design  The living room generally uses a generous and bright chandelier or ceiling lamp as the main light, combined with other auxiliary lighting, such as wall lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc. In addition, use a separate table lamp or floor lamp on one end of the sofa to allow indirect light to diffuse throughout the sitting area for conversation or reading books and newspapers. You can also place a unique wall lamp at an appropriate position on the wall to make the wall shine. If there are murals, showcases, etc., invisible spotlights can be set up to embellish them. Placing a miniature low-illuminance incandescent lamp next to the TV can reduce the contrast between light and dark in the hall and help protect eyesight. Restaurant lighting design The focus of restaurant lighting is the dining table. Whether modern lighting is reasonable or not will directly affect people's appetite. Therefore, in addition to the overall lighting decoration, there must be some lighting, such as chandeliers and ceiling lights. Use down-illuminated incandescent lamps with good color rendering. The food is illuminated during the meal, which can increase appetite and taste. The installation height of the chandelier above the table is generally 0.8m-1.2m from the table top, and the table top illuminance should be 3-5 times higher than the surrounding environment illuminance. Kitchen lighting design  The lamps used in the kitchen are usually based on the principles of waterproof, oily smoke and easy to clean. Generally, an embedded or semi-embedded astigmatism ceiling lamp is installed above the operating table, and the mask is embedded with transparent glass or transparent plastic, so that the ceiling is simple and reduces the trouble caused by dust and oil. A range hood is generally set above the stove, and there is an invisible small incandescent lamp in the hood for the stove to illuminate. If the kitchen doubles as a dining room, a single-cover single-fire lift or single-layer multi-fork chandelier can be set above the dining table. The light source should be warm-colored incandescent lamps, not cold-colored fluorescent lamps. Stairs and corridor lighting design Stairs and corridor lights are lighting themed with orientation, generally using incandescent ceiling lights, downlights or wall lights that turn on and turn on. Lamp switches should be equipped with dual-control switches, which are installed in two places upstairs and downstairs. Sound and light control switches are also commonly used. If the rest platform has decorative shapes, spotlights should be added to enhance the decorative effect. But the light and shadow should not be too strong to avoid glare. Bedroom lighting design The bedroom is a room for rest and sleep, which requires better privacy. The light needs to be soft and there should be no glare, so that people can easily fall asleep. Dressing and makeup requires even and bright light. You can choose the low-light ceiling lamp as the basic lighting, and place it in the middle of the ceiling; wall lamps can be installed on the wall and beside the vanity mirror; bedside lamps are equipped with bedside lamps, in addition to the common table lamps, the base is fixed on the bed support and adjustable The modern metal lamp with the angle of the lamp cap is beautiful and practical.  Bathroom lighting design  The bathroom is not only a place to be washed and washed every day, it needs a bright lighting environment, but also a place where you can enjoy a quiet moment of one person, and the Saintly Lightingcan be soft and warm. It is also necessary to take care of proper lighting that does not affect sleep when going to the toilet at night. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an adjustable lighting combination method. Study room Saintly Lightingdesign The study room environment should be elegant, quiet, simple and lively. The lighting effect on the desk directly affects the efficiency of learning and the health of the eyes. The overall lighting can be direct or semi-direct lighting, and the local Saintly Lightingof the table can be cantilevered table lamp or dimming art table lamp. The required illuminance is 3-5 times the ambient illuminance, and 7-10 times for fine work. An invisible light can be installed on the bookcase for easy retrieval.
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