Modern and simple lighting brings a lot of natural and fresh sense of humanity

by:Saintly     2021-06-01
It mainly reflects the characteristics of the times, without excessive decoration, everything starts from the function, pays attention to the appropriate proportion of the shape, the spatial structure diagram is clear and beautiful, and emphasizes the bright and concise appearance. It embodies the fast-paced, simple and practical of modern life, but also full of vigorous life. In order to be more comfortable at home, the living room that is now presented in front of you has been modified a lot by the young couple: the wall on the left side of the space at the entrance The quilt was recessed ten centimeters inward, adding more space for the shoe cabinet. In this way, there is a place to change shoes. The decoration style uses log building materials to create a natural and simple feeling. The deck design of the restaurant is very beautiful and practical. Through the simple lines, the wood furniture with obvious texture and the modern simple lighting, it brings a lot of natural and fresh humanity. sense. A simple space with raw wood color as the main color, adding colorful items such as decorative paintings, tablecloths and other rich expressions of the space. When decorating, everyone should also learn to use decorative paintings to embellish the color of the space. It is actually very simple to create the feeling you want. These art paintings and illustrations can be found in art galleries and some street art shops, it depends on you. The wooden wall extends all the way to the dining room, giving the space a strong sense of integrity, and the open layout is extraordinarily spacious and transparent. The design of space Saintly Lightingis also worth learning. The modern and simple dining chandelier, the combination of the main light source and the auxiliary light source can fully illuminate every corner of the space. The tailor-made lattice cupboard with storage and display functions satisfies the female protagonist's preference for collecting various cups, and at the same time has become an eye-catching and unique landscape in the home. These different styles of cups can be found in street shops and major online shops. The modern and simple Saintly Lightingin the living room is also a bright spot. The unique shape makes people want to look at it more~ The TV background wall is covered with wooden boards, which is visually softer. The design of the kitchen is relatively low-key and fresh, the shades of gray and blue are matched together, soft and natural. The simple style not only pays attention to the practicality of the room, but also reflects the exquisiteness and individuality of life, which is in line with the taste of modern people. How can a simple decoration style home lack a set of simple style LED lamps? The editor below also introduces several modern and simple Saintly Lightingdecorations. These lamps can be integrated with the home in terms of appearance, texture and feeling. Yes, it can be said to be icing on the cake!
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