Modern and simple lighting can adapt to this clear and simple style

by:Saintly     2021-05-31
In this simple and modern living room, a crystal lamp with a modern and simple style is chosen on the ceiling of the living room. The base of this crystal chandelier does not have too many patterns and decorations, but there are several very regular spherical shapes around it, and a column connects the lamp to the base. The shape of the entire Saintly Lightingis exquisite and simple, reflecting the exquisiteness. In the design of the crystal chandelier, the simplicity is because the crystal lamp does not have too many cumbersome processes in the carving. From the perspective of the overall style of the living room, the choice of furniture in the living room is also very simple, embellished by solemn and elegant blue and gold, and the transparent crystal lamp can fully adapt to this clear and simple style. Fashionable appearance and simple colors are the characteristics of chandelier. It is said that the lampshade is inspired by the rolling mountains, hence the name.   It has the fashion and elegance of modern lamps, and it is back to the original and advocating nature. Pay attention to energy saving, economical and practical. Due to the use of high technology, although modern lamps have low power, their illuminance is much higher than that of incandescent lamps of the same power.  Modern and concise Saintly Lightingmeets people's perceptual, instinctive and rational needs for the space environment with a concise form of expression. Concise shape, pure texture, and fine craftsmanship are its unique personality. Adjust the length of the light line to present a dynamic sense of space and create a unique spatial impression. The 3 chandeliers are at the same height and look great. (1) Elegant and fashionable    Modern minimalist style lamps, whether it is a chandelier or a table lamp, show an elegant and fashionable temperament in appearance, giving people a sense of exquisite life.  (2) Advocating nature    modern and simple Saintly Lightingstyle lamps, many of them combine practicality and artistry, and some will draw various exquisite flower and bird patterns on the lampshade, giving people a sense of returning to nature and advocating nature.  (3) Focus on economy and energy saving   The modern minimalist style lamps use advanced technology. Although the power is low, its brightness is much higher than that of incandescent lamps of the same power.
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