Modern and simple lighting can better improve the human living environment

by:Saintly     2021-06-02
Stair lights and corridor lights are both theme-oriented lighting. Modern minimalist Saintly Lightingusually uses incandescent lamps, that is, ceiling lamps, downlights or wall lamps. The light bulb switch should be equipped with dual control switches, which are installed on the two control points upstairs and downstairs respectively. Sound and light control switches are also very common. If there are decorative shapes on the table, you should add a spotlight to enhance the decorative effect. But the light and shadow should not be too strong, so as not to produce dazzling light. The design specifications of modern and simple Saintly Lightingare usually based on the actual size of the customer’s living room to choose the size of the lamp. For many lamps, the general living room height of a general house is usually between 2, 5 and 3 meters, so the choice of this lamp should not exceed 1, 2 meters, and the villa living room of no more than 4 meters should be within 5 meters of the living room. You should choose 1 Only lights above 5 meters are comfortable. At the same time, the height of the lamp body is best not to fall below the diameter, otherwise it will lack beauty due to the unbalanced proportions. In this era, in addition to illuminating the night and illuminating the dark room, the meaning of the lamp has also given more connotations on the road of 'pursuing light' through continuous thinking, innovation and technological breakthroughs. Better improve the living environment of mankind. Modern and simple lighting is no longer a single lighting tool at night, but highlights the vitality, fashion and cultural elements of the city. The light reflects the past and present of this city. From the initial dozens of lamps to today's 20,000 lamps, the changes from single-shaped incandescent lamps, mercury lamps to various high-pressure sodium lamps, LED street lamps, etc., reflect the footprint and development of urban and rural construction. As a part of rural infrastructure, rural street lights play an important role in traffic safety, social security, people's lives and urban appearance, and have an irreplaceable role, showing the prosperity and maturity of the countryside. A simple space, with wood as the main color, adding colorful items to the space, such as decorative paintings, tablecloths and other rich expressions. When decorating, everyone should learn to decorate the space with decorative paintings. Creating the desired feeling is actually very simple. These artistic paintings and illustrations can be found in art galleries and some shops on the street. The wooden wall extends to the restaurant, giving the space a strong sense of integrity, and the open layout is particularly spacious and transparent. The design of space lighting is also worthy of reference. Modern and simple dining room chandelier, the combination of main light source and auxiliary light source can fully illuminate every corner of the space. The tailor-made lattice cupboard with storage and display functions satisfies the hostess's preferences for collecting various cups, and has also become a unique and eye-catching landscape in the family. These different styles of cups can be found in street shops and online. The modern and simple Saintly Lightingin the living room is also a highlight. The unique shape makes people want to see more. The TV background wall is covered with wooden materials and is visually soft.
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